In our latest edition of Tuner Battle, we’re once again pitting two customized BMW i8s against each other, as the hybrid supercar continues to grow in popularity with the brand’s biggest and wealthiest fans. Which of these two customized i8s would you rather drive, the one graced by the light touch of WheelsBoutique and HRE, or the double-black wrapped BMW i8 owned by NBA forward Julius Randle?

You really couldn’t ask for two more opposite ends of the color spectrum or aesthetics changes; the single change made to the white i8 is a set of HRE RS102 wheels that match BMW’s i brand blue that accents its electric vehicles. Its amazing what a set of wheels can do for an already-gorgeous car, and I wouldn’t argue if somebody were to tell me that the BMW i8 looks good enough as is.


What I love most about being a car enthusiast though is that everybody has their own definition of a good-looking car, and RDB LA supposedly did this double-black BMW i8 for Julius Randle. The vinyl-wrapped i8 looks absolutely sinister in comparison to the white one, like something a 21st century grim reaper might drive. Randle, who also owns a Porsche Panamera and Range Rover. For a guy who’s NBA career thus far amounts to 2 points and a pair of missed free throws, I’d say he’s not doing too bad for himself.

Cast your vote with a comment and tell me which of these two you could see yourself in.