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Amazon Commits to Renewable Energy, Orders 100,000 Rivian Electric Vans

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos put his company firmly on the path towards ecological responsibility by announcing plans to co-found “The Climate Pledge”, which calls on its signatories to achieve zero carbon across their business ventures by 2040. For those of you paying attention, that’s a full decade ahead of the Paris Agreement’s goal of 2050. (!) Part of Bezos’ plan to achieve the goals laid out in The Climate Pledge includes the large scale electrification of Amazon’s delivery fleet. To that end, he used news of the Pledge to announce the purchase of 100,000 electric delivery vans from electric truck startup, Rivian, who designed the “Prime” delivery vehicle shown along with the company’s press release (below). That single order is prob...

Protean 360+ Concept Makes Big Buses Nimble

Protean is best known for building compact and powerful electric motors that fit inside a vehicle’s wheels. It’s a fun concept that could, in theory, allow car designers to get really wild with styling and packaging choices that simply aren’t options with an internal combustion engine under the hood. This week, though, Protean unveiled a new concept that– well, it’s so good it just seems obvious. Meet 360+, an all-new take on suspension design that could allow big, bulky city buses to positively dance through densely packed, urban environments. It’s super clever, and looks like this …   … which is to say that each corner of the bus’ suspension is its own, fully contained suspension system and drive train that allows the bus to prac...

Infographic Charts the Rise of AI at Volvo CE

In case the launch of the flagship Polestar sub-brand and the acquisition and subsequent electrification of the storied Lotus Cars brand didn’t clue you in, Volvo is dead serious about being a major player in the electric future. If you’re a car nerd, like me, you’d be forgiven for thinking of Volvo as a sort of “underdog” in this fight, of course– but, then, you’d be forgetting about Volvo’s real empire: big-a** commercial trucks. It’s there, in the CE division, that you will find some of the most amazing innovations in the business. That weird bucket thing up there? That’s Volvo’s fully autonomous, battery-electric, driverless hauler, the HX1. The wheel-loader that’s, well, loading it up? It’s a diesel-electric...

Nissan Launches Electric Ice Cream Truck … for Kids!

It’s the first day of summer, and nothing says summer quite like the sound of the ice cream truck pulling up to a park full of kids. As fun and wholesome as that image may be, however, having kids hang out around the potentially harmful emissions of those old-school ice cream trucks could aggravate issues like asthma– and that’s a big problem. Enter: Nissan, who just showed off an electric Nissan NV200 van that’s been specially converted– into a zero emissions ice cream truck! “This project is a perfect demonstration of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility strategy,” explains Kalyana Sivagnanam, managing director of Nissan Motor Ltd., Great Britain. She says that the Japanese company is, “applying more than a decade of EV experience and progress in batter...

Mercedes Introduces New Electric Sprinter Van (w/ Video)

Daimler is opening up more and more options for customer to go electric with the introduction of its new electric Sprinter van, the eSprinter. The platform is especially exciting due to its appeal to fleets as a delivery vehicle and consumers as a recreational vehicle. The new eSprinter won’t break any range records with its 150 kilometer range, but it should be more than sufficient for a day of deliveries around town. The new eSprinter will come with a 3.5 ton rating and a carrying capacity of 10.5 cubic meters (371 square feet). The eSprinter is the second electrified offering in the Mercedes-Benz van family, following the offering of the smaller eVito electric van, which went on sale late last year. The eSprinter will be offered in two configurations: a more traditional light delivery b...

Volvo Set to Begin Sales of its Electric Semi in 2019

Forget waiting for your pre-order to be filled, because Volvo’s all electric commercial trucks are ready to go. To try to drive that marketing point home, the Swedish company announced that sales of its first all-electric truck- as well as deliveries to customers- will begin in 2019. It’s pretty much understood that the automotive future is definitely electric, and that fact seems to be best understood by the makers of big trucks. It makes sense, since trucking companies are, perhaps, the entities that are the most sensitive to fluctuation in fuel price. As such, big players like Cummins– as well as “wannabe” big players like Tesla- have been pushing hard to get in on the heavily subsidized racket market. You can check out the company’s official press re...

New Chevy Silverado Packs Less Weight, More Features (14 Photos)

All new Chevy Silverado for 2019 Packs 450 lbs. Less Weight, More Features, and serious toughness with up to 30 MPG. (14 Photos)

Old School Cool: NASA Aerodynamic Truck Studies

Old School Cool: NASA responded to the 1970's oil crisis by studying the effects of Aerodynamic design on over the road Trucking.

New Ford F150 Hybrid Gets 50% More MPG (w/ Video)

New Ford F150 Hybrid developed by XLHybrids helps fleets get 50% better Fuel Economy without negatively affecting the factory warranty (w/ Video).

Gas2 Week in Review, January 7: Electric Transportation and the Trucking Industry

Electric transportation has a strong hold in the passenger car sector, but what's happening in other forms of electric transportation?

Incredible Electric Truck Concept Art for Audi (Part 2 of 2)

A pair of designers have developed some Incredible Electric Truck Concept Art for Audi - do you think the Germans will go after Tesla and Volvo?

Incredible Electric Truck Concept Art for Audi (Part 1 of 2)

A pair of designers have developed some Incredible Electric Truck Concept Art for Audi - do you think the Germans will go after Tesla and Volvo?

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