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Incredible Electric Truck Concept Art for Audi (Part 1 of 2)

A pair of designers have developed some Incredible Electric Truck Concept Art for Audi - do you think the Germans will go after Tesla and Volvo?

Tesla Truck Eligible for $75,000 EV Tax Credit (in Canada)

Tesla's new electric Semi Truck will be Eligible for a $75,000 EV Tax Credit in the Canadian province of Canada- but you have to act fast!

Thor’s Electric Semi May Beat Tesla Truck to Market

A southern California start up called Thor Trucks plans to bring an electric Class 8 truck to market ahead of the Tesla Semi. It specializes in building customer trucks fitted to the specific needs of each customer.

Tesla Semi Spied; Invitations To Unveiling Forthcoming

Spy shots of the Tesla Semi have appeared on the internet and Tesla has notified winners of its latest referral program to expect an official invitation to the unveiling ceremony soon. Looks like the Tesla Semi is a go!

Battery Swapping Is Back On The Agenda At Tesla

Tesla has filed a new patent application for a battery swapping system. Is there a connection between it and the upcoming Tesla Semi?

“Unreal” Tesla Semi Set For October 26 Unveiling

Elon Musk tweeted this week that the official unveiling for the Tesla Semi will take place on October 26 at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California.

Tesla Plans To Test Autonomous Long Haul Trucks In Nevada And California

Tesla is talking with officials in Nevada and California about conducting test of systems that will allow autonomous trucks to platoon together on highways.

Bollinger B1 Electric Truck Breaks Cover In NYC

The Bolllinger B1 electric truck has been officially unveiled and if one had to pick one word to describe this dual motor off road capable vehicle, that word would be "purposeful."

Workhorse CEO Steve Burns Talks About The W-15 Plug In Hybrid Pickup Truck

Workhorse CEO Steve Burns says the W-15 plug-in hybrid pickup truck is cost effective and reliable. So far, it has hundreds of pre-orders and expects to begin production next year.

Bison Electric Pickup Truck Introduced By Havelaar Canada

Havelaar Canada introduced its Bison electric pickup truck concept in Ontario this week. The truck has a range of 186 miles and dual motors for true all wheel drive capability.

WrightSpeed Links With AxleTech To Make Heavy Duty Electric Truck Drivetrains

WrightSpeed manufacturers an innovative heavy duty electric truck propulsion system. The key to its range extended vehicle (REV) powertrain is a small multi-fuel turbine range extender engine that company head Ian Wright claims is 30% more efficient than any other turbine on the market. It provides 80 kW of power to keep the onboard batteries charged and eliminate range anxiety. The turbine can run on diesel, CNG, LNG, methane, biodiesel, kerosene, propane, heating oil, or any other combustible fuel, Wright says. Regenerative braking is an essential part of the WrightSpeed electric truck program, which is specifically designed for heavy duty trash trucks and city buses that spend their entire day starting and stopping hundreds of times. It takes a lot of energy to get a 50,000 lb vehicle m...

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