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Electric Truck Manufacturers – Complete List

In 2018 the top 3 pickup truck manufacturers sold a combined 2 million trucks in the US according to this report on vehicles sales. With such a large slice of the new vehicle sale pie, it’s no wonder electric truck manufacturers are popping up and hoping to join the party. Ford’s F-series of trucks, American’s perennial best selling vehicle, sold over 230,000 vehicles in the second quarter of 2019 alone; and they carried an average price of $47,500. Those numbers don’t include heavy duty trucks. By some accounts, nearly 1 million heavy trucks were sold in 2018 alone. The What Battery electric vehicles, or BEVs, are fully electric vehicles powered by batteries, usually lithium-ion. Fans of EVs love their quiet power and lack of gasoline. When done right, a BEV can al...

Mercedes EQV Electric Van Debuts with 250 Mile Range

Electric trucks are the holy grail of the EV market. Typically replacing high-pollution diesel trucks that idle in heavily populated urban environments for hours and hours every day, their harmful diesel particulate emissions do more medical harm per vehicle than almost anything else out there. A close second, though, may be commercial delivery vans like the ones employed by companies like Amazon to deliver packages. If we could convert those vehicles to electric power, we’d be able to massively reduce the amount of carbon emissions in major cities– which is precisely why Mercedes’ new Concept EQV electric van is such a big deal. And it is a big deal. The Mercedes EQV offers up nearly 250 miles on each charge, with an extra 60 miles available for every 15 minutes of fast-...

First Electric Freightliner Trucks Begin Production

Depending on who you believe, there will be more than 300,000 electric work trucks hitting the highways and byways of the world in the next three years. Companies like Kenworth, Mack, and Volvo have all made moves recently in a bid to gain a “first mover” market advantage, but you shouldn’t count out the Daimler-owned (read: Mercedes-Benz) Freightliner brand just yet, because the first of its all-electric Class 8 trucks destined for customers have already been built. “This milestone in electric (vehicles) is important as both today and tomorrow’s technology is progressing. Our purpose is resolute – we build for our customers,” said Roger Nielsen, president and CEO of DTNA. His hope is that his company’s new EVs will allow transport companies to keep operating in maj...

Mack to Build Electric Garbage Trucks for NYC

With the proliferation of electric cars and the improvement of emissions-curbing technology in recent years, it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that short-haul municipal vehicles are by far the heaviest polluters in most major cities. What’s more, studies have shown supplanting short-haul diesel machines that spend most of their time in city centers, spewing black smoke every block as they stop and start, is a far more effective way to curb pollution than replacing long-haul trucks. Electric city buses, for example, have been particularly effective at cutting a city’s carbon emissions. Beyond that, then, the next logical step should be the adoption of electric garbage trucks, and heavy duty truck builder Mack is all ready to sell them provide. Recently, the New York City S...

309,000 Electric Trucks Expected to Hit the Road by 2023

Companies like Volvo, Tesla, and Navistar are pushing hard to develop commercial-grade electric trucks, but it’s hard to imagine how electric trucks– which still require more downtime for recharging than ICE-powered trucks do for refueling– might be a profitable choice for fleet operators. Despite that, a recent report from research firm, TechNavio, concluded that the global electric truck market would grow to more than 309,000 fully electric and hybrid electric trucks by 2023. Their reasoning is based on one thing: cheap batteries. “The continuously reducing battery prices are expected to boost electric truck demand in the forthcoming years,” reads a sample of the report, distributed by TechNavio. “The battery cost is decreasing continuously owing to th...

Toyota Partners With Kenworth To Develop Next Generation Hydrogen Trucks #CES2019

Toyota and Kenworth have taken the wraps off a collaboration that will see the two companies jointly developing 10 zero-emission trucks powered by Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell energy storage technology.

Volvo Reveals Autonomous Truck Concept

Despite some very public setbacks beyond its control, Volvo continues to push forward with both autonomous and electric truck concepts. The latest concept from the Swedish carmaker takes Tesla’s semi concept and goes one better, eliminating the drivers’ compartment– and, as a consequence, the driver– altogether. “The full potential of the transport industry is yet to be seen. Everything suggests that the global need for transportation will continue to significantly increase in the coming decade,” says Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks. He sees this new concept as a response to a global increase in demand for shipping coupled with a shortage of new long-haul drivers entering the field. “If we are to meet this demand (for shipping services) in a sustai...

Sweden Announces “Unlimited Range” EV Highway

The electric road- one that charges electric cars and trucks as the drive across it- is often seen as the Holy Grail of EV adoption. Eliminate range anxiety utterly, the argument goes, and we’ll reach a tipping point for all things electric. Well, we’ll soon see if that’s how this thing is going to play out, because the Swedish government has just unveiled a 1.2-mile long stretch with an integrated electrical rail that charges a fleet of custom-designed, pass-through trucks using the truck’s movable arm. And you haven’t even heard the best part about this road: it’s fully operational. “The technology offers infinite range — range anxiety disappears,” said Gunnar Ashland, CEO of Elways, in a statement. But he goes on to talk about some unexpected benefits, as w...

Volvo Set to Begin Sales of its Electric Semi in 2019

Forget waiting for your pre-order to be filled, because Volvo’s all electric commercial trucks are ready to go. To try to drive that marketing point home, the Swedish company announced that sales of its first all-electric truck- as well as deliveries to customers- will begin in 2019. It’s pretty much understood that the automotive future is definitely electric, and that fact seems to be best understood by the makers of big trucks. It makes sense, since trucking companies are, perhaps, the entities that are the most sensitive to fluctuation in fuel price. As such, big players like Cummins– as well as “wannabe” big players like Tesla- have been pushing hard to get in on the heavily subsidized racket market. You can check out the company’s official press re...

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Incredible Electric Truck Concept Art for Audi (Part 2 of 2)

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