Tesla Model Y Coming Sooner Than Expected, Will Feature Falcon Wing Doors

Elon Musk told investors yesterday that the Model Y will be built on a variation of the Model 3 chassis. He expects the car to launch by 2019 and sell a half million units a year -- or more.

Motor Trend Pours Love On Tesla Model 3

Motor Trend got a chance to drive the Tesla Model 3 before the official reveal. There report raves about the car.

Here At Last. Here At Last. The Tesla Model 3 Is Here At Last

The Tesla Model 3 is here at last. Here are the answers to all (most?) of your questions about this much anticipated electric car.

Watch First Boring Company Elevator In Action, CR Reinstates Tesla Model S Top Rating

The Boring Company completed its first test of the elevator that will raise and lower automobiles so they can use the underground tunnels. Also, Consumer Reports is now satisfied with the automatic emergency braking system on the Model S and restored that car to its "best rated" category.

Musk Sets The World Atwitter With New Tweets About Tesla Pickup, Model 3 And Next Roadster

Elon Musk tweeted news yesterday about the Model 3, the Tesla pickup truck, and the second generation Tesla Roadster. Come on inside to learn more.

US Electric Car Drivers Have Logged Over 11 Billion Miles

Wireless charging website Plugless says US electric car drivers have logged over 11 billion miles since 2010 when the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf first went on sale. The Tesla Model S and Model X are catching up fast.

SpaceX Shares Unique Friction Welding Technique With Tesla

When Elon Musk isn’t busy running the world’s best-known electric car company, he can usually be found heading his private space transportation company, SpaceX. One wouldn’t think that a private spaceflight company and an electric automaker would have all that much in common, but the same welding techniques used to build SpaceX rocket ships have also been put to use building the Tesla Model S, reports Electrek.co. Specifically, SpaceX shared its own method of friction stir welding with Tesla Motors. While friction welding predates both SpaceX and Tesla (and your writer, in fact), SpaceX has developed its own unique method apparently. Rather than use heat to melt two pieces of metal or alloy together, friction welding softens the metal on both sides of the weld in order to merge them togeth...

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