Dethleffs New Self-propelled Electric Camper Wows in Düsseldorf

  You may recall last year the release of Dethleffs E.Home electric motorhome. The first-of-its-kind all electric camper was a veritable mobile solar generating station that would get you well over 100 miles out of the city, and charge itself while you camped for the trip back. Now the new towable E.Home Coco caravan trailer joins Dethleffs’ growing stable of ways to save and see the environment at the same time. Just like its larger sibling, the E.Home Coco comes with a bank of solar panels for recharge and power availability on the go. This tow trailer has a neat trick, though. It is self-propelled, meaning smaller and more eco-friendly vehicles can handle the caravan. Dethleffs is aiming for an all-electric camper experience, and the electric powered Coco can be towed by vehi...

Airstream Launches Off-road Ready Basecamp X

Whether they’re vintage models being restored by award-winning architects or just the latest unit off the assembly line, Airstreams are cool. They’re like old Vespa scooters or big Honda Gold Wings — they’re very much their own thing. And, if that thing speaks to you, nothing else will really do. That’s why any new Airstream is a thing to be celebrated, and why we’re celebrating the Airstream Basecamp X here, today. The Basecamp X starts off with the standard Airstream Basecamp, but adds a 3″ lift kit, stainless steel stone guards, front window protection, and new, blacked out wheels wrapped in Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tires to improve traction on slippery surfaces. All of that is done in the name of going a little bit further off the beaten p...

Just Right – Ford Transit Connect Makes Living on the Road Easier

The tiny home trend is here to stay and provides the green-conscious a way to live in comfort with a minimal footprint, both literal and environmental. While many tiny homes require an additional capable vehicle to tow the home from place to place, a group of entrepreneurs yearning for flexibility and work-life balance have turned to a classic platform to create mobile live/work spaces that are both personal and economical. Ford recently highlighted a few inspiring women who are using the flexibility that’s baked into the Ford Transit Connect van to make life on the road a little bit easier. Check out Ford’s release, below, then let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.   ROAD WARRIORS: ENTREPRENEURIAL WOMEN DISCOVER LIFE ON THE ROAD CAN...

New VW Camper Set to Launch Next Month

Look at those pictures. Take them all in. That van may not carry the Westfalia badge, but when the 2018 Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf rolls around on August 24th and Volkswagen reveals the production version of its all-new California XXL camper? There will be no doubt: the VW Camper Van is back! Most recently, it has been Ford and Mercedes-based vans that wear the storied Westy name. That name, however, was made famous by VW and not the other way around. This latest VW camper, then, has some wrongs to right– and the company that brought you the original “Bulli” camper van in the 1960s hopes this new van will become just as iconic as its famous ancestor. At nearly 6 meters long, the upcoming VW California XXL is a monster. As a result, there’s a lot more to the Califor...

New Airstream Globetrotter is Ready for Off the Grid Glamping

New Airstream Globetrotter is Ready to take even the most tech-obsessed people into the wild with off the grid solar power, satellite internet, and fancy style.

California, or: Don’t Call this New VW Camper a Westy

The new for 2015 T6 VW camper van is here. It's called the California, and it's nicer, cleaner, and more powerful- just don't call it a Westfalia!

World’s First Carbon Fiber RV Is Eco-Chic Luxury On Wheels

RV builders have long embraced lightweight designs, and this carbon fiber camper designed in part by Dallara is pretty much the endgame.

Build a DIY Motorhome of Your Own (w/ video)

DIY motorhomes and restored/modified RVs are always popular posts here on Gas 2. So, when I covered this video chronicling one man’s DIY approach to converting (what looks like) a well-used Ford Transit Connect into a survivalist motorhome on the cheap for my off-grid/zombie survival site, Insteading, I thought it might do well here, as well.

Roadtrek Adds Solar Power, Biodiesel to Its RV Lineup

I’ve maintained for a while now that the best way to convince someone that nature is worth preserving is to get them out into it. It seems like the people at Roadtrek agree- and they’re going a step further by offering a new B+ class motorhome that not only uses recycled materials in its construction, but is capable of operating entirely free of fossil fuels! Built on Mercedes’ Sprinter van platform, Roadtrek’s eco-friendly E-Trek is powered by a 3.0 liter Mercedes diesel engine that’s 100% bio-diesel capable. The diesel is used as the primary power plant to drive the RV, and is also capable of feeding the E-Trek’s electrical system and batteries. When parked, the diesel generates 3.5 KW of power that gets bumped up to 5.5 KW while it’s on the move...

Recycled Hawtness: Israeli Man Turns Box Truck into Kickass RV

50 year old Joseph Tayyar is not like the rest of us. You and I look at those 35′ long UHaul moving trucks and think, “I could fit my whole house in there.” Tayyar looks at them and thinks, “I could fit my whole house in there.” It’s a subtle difference, sure, but it’s one that led the Israeli man to pick up his own box truck and start sketching. That’s right, the first step in converting his box truck into an RV were these sketches that laid out the finished mobile home’s floorplan, cabinetry, and plumbing/heating systems. Done by Joseph Tayyar, a professional animator by day, the early drawings of the build look like this … … not bad, right? All-in, converting the box truck to a luxury RV cost Tayyar about $225,000. Not ba...

Don’t Buy It, Build It: Firefly is an Outstanding DIY Camper Concept

Built by a NASA designer, the Firefly DIY camper is a rugged, go-anywhere RV concept that's equally at home at the KOA campground or on the surface of Mars.

Don’t Buy It, Build It: DIY Teardrop Trailer

We’ve covered DIY teardrop trailers and campers before here on Gas 2, even publishing a how-to manual from Mechanix Illustrated a while back. This, though, is the first time we’ve seen one of these pop-up on the internet with a full series of build photos! A Redditor calling himself rufi0h posted these pictures a few days ago, and they show his build progress from an open utility trailer to a fully-equipped pull-behind camper. Rufi0h adds commentary on the build along the way, saying things like “I really had no idea what I was doing, so I just started building a frame around the walls” early in the build, graduating to comments about insulation and the curved hatchback – which gave him some trouble. “Building the frame for the hatchback. This design fai...

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