Honda Reveals New (Electric!) Motocompo Successor

Do you remember the super-awesome Honda of the 1980s? The Honda that built the Gyro scooter, oval-pistoned NR750 superbike, reinvented the Ferrari with the NSX, and reinvented the sportscar with the CRX Si? Honda does, and it’s drawing more inspiration from its own past with each new mention of the CR-Z, the upcoming “new” NSX hybrid, and – now – this. Making its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, this new suitcase scooter invokes the departed spirit of the old Motocompo foldable scooter, and calls itself the MOTOR COMPO, in case you’re too young to recognize the Motocompo on sight. The Motocompo isn’t the only source of inspiration for the new electric moped; a Honda employee (who remains nameless in the original, Japanese-language article) said that while t...

When Does 90 MPG Seem Low?

That right there is the 50 cc Honda Metropolitan that’s been carrying me across Chicago these past few months. With only 50 cc pushing the little scooter along, I can’t say it’s fast – but in rush hour traffic, with big-engine pickups and ultra-fast turbocharged Porsches dicing for position among stop-and-go city trucks? It’s plenty fast enough, then … … and, when Chicago’s downtown traffic really grinds to a crawl, it’s the fastest thing on the road. If you can’t tell, I’ve grown rather fond of the little Honda these past few months. I worry, though, that I’ve begun to take the Metro for granted. Hear me out: the other day, I had the opportunity to ride one of Genuine Scooters’ 150 cc Internationals (more on the...

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