You’ll Meet the Nicest People on the 2019 Honda SuperCub

You meet the nicest people on a Honda. It was one of the most famous ad campaigns of the 20th Century, and established a way forward for a motorcycle company that wasn’t Harley-Davidson– and didn’t want to be, either. It focused on the Honda Cub and SuperCub, and was one of the reasons that bike became the best-selling vehicle of all time. And now, as a motorcycle industry that spent the last twenty years building itself around bad reality TV and fake biker gangs flounders, Honda is hoping to bring back some of its old time magic. Meet the all-new 2019 Honda SuperCub. Part of the new miniMOTO Honda collection that includes the popular Grom and unspeakably awesome 2019 Monkey, the new Honda Super Cub has the same accessible, step-through style as the classic Cub, with fres...

State of the Industry 2018: Electric Motorcycles

While many electric motorcycles have come and gone, some elmoto manufacturers have remained in business and even grown. We’ll look at the state of two-wheeled electrification, big and small, slow and fast in 2018.

K-Speed Honda Super Cub is the Sikkest Moped of 2018

Built in just 30 days t0 mark the launch of the 2018 Honda Super Cub, the K-Speed Honda Super Power Cub is already the Sikkest Moped of 2018!

CES 2018: Honda PCX Electric Scooter w/ Battery Swap Tech

Launched at CES 2018: Honda PCX Electric Scooter w/ Battery Swap Tech taht could do for light electric vehicles what batteries did for cordless drills!

CES 2018: Ford OjO Electric Commuter Scooter

After a 5 year wait, there is, finally, a new electric Ford. CES 2018: Ford OjO Electric Commuter Scooter makes its official debut.

Deus Ex Machina vs. the Iconic Honda EZ90 Cub

Italian bike and fashion house Deus Ex Machina just built a bigger, badder version of the Iconic 1980s Honda EZ90 Cub3 scooter.

Crossing the Indian Subcontinent by Rickshaw (w/ Video)

The Adventurists have been Crossing the Indian Subcontinent by Rickshaw for 10 years! How am I just learning about this now!??

Honda Previews New Airbag for Scooters

Honda has shown Off some new Safety Tech for Scooter riders - a full body airbag that significantly reduces injuries in a crash!

Vanda Motochimp Electric Scooter Ideal For “Spontaneous Urban Mobility”

The Vanda Motochimp electric scooter may be the ideal device for free spirited urban moblilty.

BMW Motorrad Concept Zero Electric Scooter (w/Video)

Electric motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles all suffer from one common problem. Batteries are inherently heavy. Carrying that weight high up it the chassis diminishes the handling of any vehicle, but it is particularly worrisome in one with only two wheels. At the Concorso d’Eleganza at the Villa d’Este in Italy last week, BMW introduced a new zero emissions electric scooter called the Motorrad Concept Zero which the company says represents its “vision of zero-emission urban mobility on two wheels.” The first thing people notice about the concept is that is carries the battery pack as low to the road as possible for nimble handling, a big plus for a scooter designed for fighting its way through traffic. “The BMW Motorrad Concept Zero is not based on today’s c...

Die on This: 60 MPH Electric Scooter (w/ Video)

This 60 MPH electric scooter may be a Monaco exclusive, but that shouldn't stop you from desperately wanting to own one State-side!

This 2WD Electric Ruckus Will Take You Anywhere

The Daymak Beast D is a dual motor, 2 wheel drive electric Ruckus that can climb a 36% grade, has a top speed of 31 mph and 18 mile range.