Man Builds World’s First Fully Solar-Powered Motorcycle

[social_buttons] Richard Gryzch has built what he claims is the world’s first fully sun-powered electric motorbike. A project that has taken him more than two years. In fact, to finance building the bike Cryzch sold his other motorbikes and even a house. He calls the bike a Solar Flyer. A name inspired by those Radio Flyer wagons. “Everyone told me I was crazy for doing it,” he said. “But I’m riding it and it works. And it could change everything. No gas, just hit the throttle and go,” he boasted. » See also: How 1BOG’s collective bargaining can also find solar companies for you. » Get Gas 2.0 by RSS or sign up by email. [youtube=] Details about the bike are scarce, but it travels up to 50 mile...

Honda Hydrogen CB750 Motorbike Concept

Powered By A Four-Cylinder Liquid Hydrogen Engine, This CB750 Is Controlled By An OLED Touch Screen With Wifi, GPS And 3G! [social_buttons] If Honda wishes to bring back the CB750, look no further than Igor Chak’s Hydrogen concept. The bike — which ran in production from 1969 to 2003 — was an unprecedented piece of machinery. It was the first to offer a front disc brake and an straight-4 engine with an overhead camshaft all on one affordable, production bike.