Electric Motorcycles

Yamaha Electric Motorcycles Get Production Greenlight

The Yamaha PES1 and PED1 electric motorcycles debuted at the 2013 Toyko Auto Show, and the Japanese motorcycle maker has greenlit both for production.

Brammo Lease Program Makes Electric Motorcycles Affordable

Electric motorcycle maker Brammo has announced a new lease program that could put you an Empulse or Empulse R for as little as $269 a month.

The Energica Ego, A 3D Printed Electric Super Bike

The Energica Ego, featuring 3D printed parts by Windform, Electric Motorcycle is a sign of things to come. And for $25,000, it can be yours.

2014 Zero S ZF11.4 Review

A 95 mile day of canyon and freeway riding proves the Zero S is ready for anything, regardless of how far it may take you.

Chinese Electric Motorcycle Company Launches New Electroforce

Founded by three Beijing engineers three years ago, Electroforce recently unveiled its first production electric motorcycle. Shown here, the Electroforce will reach dealers in Beijing and Shanghai this March, with a price tag of about 30,000 yuan (approx. 4900 USD). Visually identical similar to the attractive and sporty Honda CBR250RR sold in the US, Asia, and Europe shown (in red, below) there is virtually zero chance of the Electroforce being sold outside of China in its current form. That’s a bit of a shame, really, since the bike appears to be cleanly built, with the “+” models offering a 60 MPH top speed and 90 mile range at a competitive price point. Still, even if the bikes stay in China, they could be part of a larger set of changes aimed at reducing Beijing traf...

The Only 5 Motorcycles You’ll Need: the Yamaha Electric Ecosystem

Yamaha announced a number of new “concept” electric motorcycles at this year’s EICMA show- but what’s decidedly more important is this: Yamaha has created a fully electric motorcycle “ecosystem” that takes its customers from the cradle to the grave without burning a single drop of oil or gas. Hot damn! Ever since Apple conquered the music industry with the triple-whammy of the iPod, iTunes, and DRM, that word- ecosystem- has been the go-to buzzword for big companies. It means they own you, because shifting all your content and know-how from one system, say “iOS”, to another, say “Android”, is a huge and costly hassle. Yamaha seems to have figured out a way to do this that has somehow eluded Ford and Honda (so far, at least). Here&...

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