What Exactly Is an E-bike?

We brought you a list of seven e-bikes that you can get for under $1,000 last week. A few days later it dawned on me that we never bothered to define what exactly an e-bike is. How rude of us! Let’s take a look at what an e-bike is and how they work. E-bike Defined An e-bike is defined as a bicycle that gives the rider the option of using an integrated electric motor to assist with propulsion. In order to meet the strict definition, an e-bike must have pedals. Bikes without pedals are more correctly classified as motorcycles or mopeds. E-bikes utilize rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to provide assistance to the operator. Smaller batteries typically allow the rider to reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. Larger and more high-powered batteries allow for speeds of up to 30 miles ...

The 7 Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

If you’re like me, you’re broke. Should being poor doom us to suffer the indignities of walking everywhere just because we can’t afford an expensive electric bike? Absolutely not! We have scoured the Internet dear readers for seven electric bikes (e-bikes) you can order on Amazon today for under $1,000. 7. Ecotric Fat Tire – $912.00 The Ecotric Fat Tire features 20′ tires that can handle any type of terrain. Its design is decent and it can achieve speeds of around 20 mph. It should be noted however, that the Fat Tire is not a traditional mountain bike. According to the company, the Fat Tire, “Has a certain climbing ability, but the slope should not be too long and steep, it is recommended to ride on flat roads or paved mountain roads.” Ecotric̵...

Electric Class: Meet the Rayvolt Ambassador

Rayvolt. That’s the name of the Barcelona-based company that’s building the sharp, classy electric bicycle that you should want desperately based on its looks, alone. Luckily, there is a lot of clever substance backing up the Rayvolt’s Spanish style. First, the Rayvolt bikes themselves come in a wide variety of configurations. There are models ranging from cruisers to road bikes to even cargo bikes, they all carry the same classic/steampunk themes that rely heavily on upscale leatherwork and brazed copper accents. In addition to exquisite craftsmanship, there’s real technology at play in Rayvolt’s bikes, too. For example, riders can dial their e-bike’s performance up or down using a smartphone app. Everything from top speed, power, regenerative braking s...

EICMA 2018: Ducati MIG-RR Electric Moped

It happens just about every year around this time. I make my top ten or eleven or thirteen “best” motorcycles list, I name the Honda-based Motoped the best moped, and people send me emails bitching that it’s not electric. Well, this year’s list might just feature something a little bit different — meet the Ducati MIG-RR electric mountain bike. Launched earlier today at the EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show in Italy, the MIG-RR is a joint venture between Ducati and Thok E-bikes. It’s more than a re-painted Thok, though. The MIG-RR features a 250 W Shimano Steps E8000 mid-drive that delivers more than 70 Nm (51 lb-ft!!) of torque to the bike’s gearset. More than enough, in other words, to tear up just about any hill at serious, pants-s***ting speeds! ̶...

Schaeffler BioHybrid Prototype Pedal Car Gets Real (w/ Video)

Schaeffler BioHybrid Prototype Pedal Car Gets Real, as this fully functional prototype of the CES concept gets driven on public roads.

Twike HPEV Shows Up in Playboy Magazine (Possibly NSFW)

Twike human-powered electric vehicle Shows Up in Playboy Magazine (Possibly NSFW) as part of a retro-tastic and relaxed LA photo shoot.

Norway Will Invest $1 Billion In Bicycle Infrastructure

Norway plans to spend nearly $1 billion on bicycle superhighways that will connect its 9 largest cities with the suburbs around them. As a nation, it wants to cut its carbon emissions by 50%.

Germany Opens First Segment Of 60 Mile Long Bicycle Highway

A five mile section of a proposed bicycle highway in the Ruhr Valley section of Germany has opened. It features passing lanes and overpasses to avoid congested city intersections. When complete, it could take 50,000 cars of the road during commuting hours.

Beer Bike Bill Signed By Governor Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill making a pedal powered beer bus legal to operate on public roads. It holds up to 15 passionate beer lovers.

What Happened When Paris Went Car Free For A Day?

On September 27, Paris went car free for a day. What happened? Pollution fell by 1/3 and noise levels dropped 50%. The city plans to have more car free days.

Bikesharing Programs Shown To Cut Traffic Congestion

A new study of the second-largest bikesharing program in the United States has found that the deployment of the schemes in cities can significantly ameliorate urban traffic congestion. The study by Resources for the Future, entitled Bicycle Infrastructure and Traffic Congestion: Evidence from DC’S Capital Bikeshare, examined the impact of the deployment of a large-scale bikesharing scheme upon levels of traffic congestion in the metropolitan DC area. According to the study, the presence of a Capital Bikeshare dock within a given neighborhood reduces traffic congestion by as much as 2–3% on average. The study also points to the possibility, however, that the presence of a bikeshare dock in one neighborhood can have a “geographic spillover” effect, increasing congestion in adjacent are...

If You Don’t Like My Riding, Stay Off the Sidewalk!

The Bolt M-1 is a cafe latte carrying pedal/electric moped with a 40 MPH top speed and an "Economy" setting that makes it 100% sidewalk legal. Oh, yeah!