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Inside the Magic Factory of MotoCzysz

Last week, I was granted a rare visit to MotoCzysz headquarters in Portland, OR. I met with their General Manager Ray Crepeau, to discuss where the company is at both commercially and in racing for the 2013 season. Last week they announced their 2013 rider lineup, making it clear that they would like to race the full US season of the eRoadRacing series but for now are targeting IOM TT Zero and the Laguna Seca round of eRoadRacing. I got to see Michael’s father and lead mechanic Terry Czysz hard at work on one bike while lead engineer Nick Schoeps took a moment to stop measuring the other bike’s power delivery on the dyno to answer my questions.

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Recycled Hawtness: An 800 Horsepower Classic Electric BMW

Electric cars have been around since the first automobiles started being built en masse, but until recently it was up to DIYers to build an EV if they wanted one. While most DIY types focus on the practical aspects of an EV, others, like Mike Pethel, are more concerned with performance. That’s why he has created a unique and powerful electric vehicle based on a classic BMW 3.0 CS.

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Project Spotlight: The “Inhaler” 1923 Ford Model T EV 200 MPH Hot Rod

Hot rodding has its roots in a fringe group of auto enthusiasts who made radical engine and styling modifications in the pursuit of speed. But there is a new breed of hot rodder out there, who are taking everyday automobiles and converting them to a variety of alternative fuels, and they’re not all content to just putter around town at golf kart speeds. Todd Perkins wants to go fast, and his all-electric hot rod called “The Inhaler” has lofty goals…somewhere in the 200 mph range.

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