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Video: Ethanol-fueled Nissan GTR Sets 1/4 Mile Record

Nissan’s R35 GTR is a performance icon. It’s also a car that we’ve featured here on Gas 2 in various forms over the years, most notably as a Switzer Performance-tuned, ethanol-fueled street terror. Keep in mind, we’ve never posted any sort of official acceleration times, but the comments and emails surrounding Switzer’s E900 and E1K-X posts always include the same question: how fast will it go?

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Video: EV West’s BMW M3 EV On The Dyno

With major automakers now churning out EVs of their own, electric car conversion shops have taken a backseat in the news. Well, most shops at least. EV West has continued to crank out some incredible electric cars, including the Pikes Peak-dominated BMW M3 EV. At the behest of the fellows at Drive, EV West put their electric Bimmer on the dyno, and you won’t believe the results.

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