Catching Up With TTXGP’s Founder, Azhar Hussain

It’s been an exciting weekend at the Infineon Raceway watching the 2010 eGrandPrix, TTXGP. And, after all the bikes were on course, I had some time sit down and talk with Azhar Hussain about the TTXGP series and its importance. In the following conversation, Hussain talks about how combustion engines are moving towards electric and what kind of system we need to make EVs a lasting part of the equation.

Celebrating Electric Speed at the Mavizen Werkstatt Racing TTXGP Fundraiser Party

New Day, New Rules, New Game – Be Part of it. TTXGP Race 1 of the inaugural 2010 series will be held tomorrow, Sunday May 16th, 11:00 AM, at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA. Information here. When TTXGP racer Jenn Bromme called organizer Azhar Hussain to tell him she had to bow out of the race due to lack of funds, he refused to hear it. Instead, he set her up with Mavizen 0001- the first one off the production line. She’s not a “Factory rider” per se, as she’s bought the bike, but this is probably the first racing series in history where the organizer is also a manufacturer. Manufacturers need a healthy racing series to compete in, both for publicity and as a rich source of innovation. As explained on the Mavizen website, they support TTXGP racers to help them get started, whether th...

Video: Electric Beetle Blasts Past Tesla Roadster

Although the Volkswagen Beetle served a clear purpose, I have never cared for it. This includes past or present versions. I don’t like the shape, the sound, or the lack of power or comfort. The only thing I DO like about the Beetle is that it has a rear-wheel drive layout. This has allowed many tuners the world over to turn the lazy “People’s Car” into a true hot rod, dropping all sorts of wildly modified motors into the tiny engine bay. A few people have even done electric conversions. But the Black Current III is an electric Beetle unlike any other. Built by two brothers, it currently holds the title of the fastest electric car in Europe, beating out even the famed Tesla Roadster in a drag race. Hit the jump and watch the video to see for yourself.

Westfield Sportscars Developing Electric iRacer

[social_buttons] Getting the racing world to take electric cars seriously will go a long way towards acceptance by the general public as a whole. And electric cars have a lot going for them in that regard. Few moving parts, lots of torque, and all of that power is available at 0 RPM’s. A British company called Westfield Sportscars, who builds kit cars designed for track racing, is dipping their toes into the water of electrified sports cars. They plan to produce the iRacer, a lightweight, rear-wheel drive electric race car with an asphalt tearing 730 ft-lbs of torque. Sounds vicious.

All Electric Grand Prix Coming To Paris Next Year

[social_buttons] Most of the technology we take for granted in our daily drivers had to work a long, harrowing course on the race track before every making it to our driveways. The money and competition that fuels high speed races often perfects technology on the track before making it to market. This fact has not gone unnoticed in the Green Revolution and why it needs to cozy up to some speed freaks and show the world that fast and green go hand in hand. The organizers of this years TTXGP electric motor cycle race realize this perhaps better than anyone. Since the TTXGP was such a hit, they are kicking it up a notch with an all-electric race through the Levellois bourough of Paris. Sweet!

Factory Five Electric ’33 Ford Roadster Debuts at SEMA

As I’ve said before, SEMA is not usually a place you expect to see lots of alternative fuel vehicles. But in recent years there has been a paradigm shift, and increasing floor space has been devoted to debuting technologies and cars that conserve gas, rather than waste it. Factory Five, out of Wareham Massachusetts, is a well-known maker of kit cars based on classic Shelby designs including the Cobra and Daytona. Amp=D has taken one of their kit cars based on the iconic ’33 Ford and built a powerful electric drivetrain around this handsome hot rod.

Hydrogen Peroxide Drag Racers: Clean, Mean Rocket Machines

[social_buttons] Drag racing is probably one of the most wasteful-yet-exciting forms of motorsports around. For those three and a half seconds, Top Fuel cars can go as fast as 300 mph and burn 5-6 gallons of high-octane fuel in 1/4 mile, the equivalent of using 20 gallons per mile [ed. note: not if they’re electric drag racers!]. But not all drag racing with liquid fuels is so wasteful. The videos below show a hydrogen peroxide-powered drag bike rocketing off the start line. After seeing it, I did just a little digging and uncovered a whole lot more to hydrogen peroxide power than I ever imagined.

World’s Top 10 Fastest Electric Cars

Think a Ferrari is fast? Watch one get schooled below. Electric cars are no joke. Yes, it’s true that many EVs are small, ungainly-looking oddities, but the other end of the spectrum—the realm of high-performance supercars—might surprise you. [social_buttons] After re-discovering a 1972 electric datsun that can accelerate from 0-60 in 3 seconds, we decided that an important question hadn’t really been answered yet:  how do the electric cars we’ve been hearing so much about stack up in terms of performance? Below, we’ve listed the world’s top 10 fastest electric cars, based on the best available information (and a little creative license). Note that our criteria does not take into account a variety of important factors like charging time, availability, and cost...

World’s Fastest Electric Car is a 1972 Datsun

[social_buttons] Out on the dragstrip, one hardly expects the car kicking ass and taking names to be an old ’72 Datsun 1200. Especially when the losers are driving BMWs, Corvettes and Ferraris. But those guys didn’t get pwned by any ol’ Datsun…this one’s electric! It seems a bit like a paradox. Drag racing is flame-dipped muscle cars with bikini-clad hood ornaments spread over the hood. Electric cars, not so much.

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