Formula E

Formula E 101

Unlike its well-established older brother Formula 1, the Formula E racing league is just a baby. The concept for Formula E was conceived by Jean Todt, the President of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) in 2011. Todt announced his intention to create an all-electric vehicle (EV) racing league while dining with friends in Paris, and Formula E was born! The inaugural race for the Formula E League took place in Beijing in 2014. Additional races were held in the cities of Buenos Aires, Long Beach, Moscow, and London. Nelson Piquet Jr. became the first ever Formula E champion, winning the title by a single point. All Formula E vehicles are single driver EVs. There are currently 11 racing teams with two drivers to a team in the league. The races are held on the streets of vari...

Formula E Season 5: the New Cars are SO Fast!

The fifth season of Formula E is set to be a stunner with new features, new drivers, and new cars that are much, much faster than last year!

Nissan Racing Past and Future on Display in Monterey

Nissan racing heritage, from its Datsun days to NISMO today, will be on show in California for Monterey Car Week. Vintage cars once driven by the likes of Paul Newman will showcase alongside the new Nissan Formula E racer for Season 5, and consumer cars like the new LEAF and Altima will also feature in the full range showcase of Nissan’s motorsport past and present. You can check out the official press release, below. Once you’ve read through that, let us know whether you think Nissan’s racing museum on the road is worth a trip out to Monterey in the comments section at the bottom of the page.   Storied heritage meets Nissan Intelligent Mobility future at Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion MONTEREY, CA — The organizers of the 2018 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reu...

New Formula E Game Puts You in the Race – LIVE

At its inception, Formula E promised to deliver the future of motor racing. Yesterday, it came one step closer to delivering the future of watching motor racing, at least, with the launch of an all-new VR racing game that will allow players to compete with real FE drivers, in real time, from inside a digital “ghost car”. There’s a lot to unpack there, so let’s go over it again. Imagine there’s a race on at 1:00PM. At 12:55, you strap into your VR rig, and you’re there. You’re on the track, lined up against the Formula E grid. They roll off the line in real life, and you’re watching it in VR, from your car. You get a unique on-track perspective and, maybe, get to test your skills against some of the best drivers in the world. Once you wrap you...

Formula E “Hyperboost” Confirmed for 2018/19

Driving over special “turbo boosts” to gain speed is a familiar concept to anyone who’s played Excitebike or Mario Kart. But whether they’ve played those mages or not, it’s about to become a familiar concept to Formula E drivers, as well. That’s because the FIA has confirmed the use of “Hyperboost” zones for the upcoming 2018/19 FE season! The cars are all-new for this season, with a standard race setting fat 200 kW. Meanwhile, the “hyperboost” mode (it probably won’t be called that when it debuts, officially) will turn up the juice to 225 kW once a driver goes through an activation zone. That activation zone is expected to be somewhat off the preferred racing line, forcing the drivers to sacrifice some time now for a 2-4 mi...

Formula E Season 5: Nissan Reveals 2018-19 Race Car

Formula E Season 5 is coming for 2018-19, and the sport has a new race car and new manufacturer support- highlighted today as Nissan Revealed its 2018-19 livery!

While We Wait: 3D Spark Racing Formula E Concept

While We Wait: this incredibly rendered, 3D Spark Racing Formula E Race Car Concept sets the bar high for the all new 2018 2019 FE spec racer!

NanoFlowcell Plans Formula E Entry In 2018

Formula E may see an entry from nanoFlowcell, the Swiss company that is developing a 48 volt fuel cell powered by a non-toxic liquid electrolyte.

Formula E Will Introduce Robotic Racing Next Year

Formula E will add a new feature as early as next year -- robotic racing. Take the drivers out of the cars and replace them with artificial intelligence.

BMW Will Be Official Car Of Formula E

BMW will showcasing its entire line of advanced electric and hybrid cars at every Formula E event as an official sponsor.