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IMSA 2019: Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona Results – FINAL

Formula 1 star Fernando Alonso added another major win to his resume this past weekend by winning the prestigious Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona for the Wayne Taylor Racing Cadillac team. It was a wet and wild Rolex 24, too– and Alonso proved his worth again by taking the wheel with the car in P8, then slicing through the field and pulling a 16 second lead over the 2nd place Whelen entry before the race was called for rain with just two hours to go. Hilariously (or, ominously, if you have to race against him in the future), Alonso began suggesting the race be red-flagged for rain while he was still in second place. Imagine having another driver pass you, then pull out a 16 second lead while he’s being careful! Further back, the LMP2 class was won by another ex-F1 driver, Pastor Mald...

Formula 1 2018: Meet the F1 Infographic Guy

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been thoroughly enjoying the post-race infographics that have been popping up on the Formula 1 subreddit throughout the 2018 season. If you’re smarter than me, though, you would have realized that these poster-quality images weren’t, in fact, officially-produced F1 race summaries meant for mass redistribution. You’d know that they were the work of a single, dedicated F1 fan. If you didn’t know, well: meet Ivan. I reached out to Ivan a few weeks ago, and found him to be a genuinely engaging graphic artist from Slovakia with- like many of us- a somewhat inexplicable fascination with F1. I asked him some question, and was lucky enough to get his very honest, open replies. I’ve decided to share those with you here, be...

Formula 1 2018: Spain (Infographic)

Apart from the typos and memes, last weekend’s Formula 1 outing at the Barcelona/Catalunya circuit was a bit of a snooze for me (literally- I fell asleep and missed about 15 laps). Still, it served up a dominant performance from Lewis Hamilton and his buddies at Mercedes-Benz. Other highlights included another solid points finish for Fernando Alonso and a podium for a more controlled Max Verstappen. Check out the infographic for yourself, then let us know what you thought of last weekend’s race in the comments section at the bottom of the page.   Source | Images: Formula 1.

Formula 1 2018: Baku (Infographic)

My Formula 1 coverage has been lacking in recent weeks, I’ll give you that. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a cracking season to now- and, if you didn’t catch the Azerbaijan GP in Baku, you missed out. Here is the official F1 infographic, but it doesn’t do LeClerc, Alonso, or Ricciardo justice. For now, though, the infographic is what I’ve got. Hope you enjoy!   Source | Images: Formula 1, via Reddit.

Formula 1 2018: Williams Launch FW41 (Kinda)

Formula 1 2018: Williams become the second team to Launch their All-new race car- called the FW41- for the new season. Will it win?

Aston Martin Could Supply Multiple F1 Teams

Aston Martin is expected to supply Red Bull with engines after 2021, but it Could Supply Multiple F1 Teams in addition to RBR and Toro Rosso.

How Mercedes’ F1 Engine Burns Oil for More Power (w/ Video)

This video from the guys at Engineering Explained tells us How Mercedes' F1 Engine Burned Oil for More Power throughout the 2017 season.

Formula 1 Engine Rules 2021: What’s New, What’s Different?

Formula 1 is changing its engine formula (get it?) for 2021, with louder engines, more driver involvement, and lower costs aiming to attract new fans!

Why Red Bull Will Race With Mercedes Engines in 2019

Red Bull has just announced a new title sponsorship tie-up with Aston Martin, and I think it's a prelude to a branded engine deal with Mercedes-Benz. Find out why, here ...

Is Porsche Really Planning a Formula 1 Comeback?

There is a rumor being circulated by German Magazine Auto Bild that might be of particular interest to racing fans everywhere. That rumor: Porsche is coming back to Formula 1. That’s right- after another convincing win at the 24 Hours of LeMans earlier this month, Porsche seems to be setting its sights on other racing series. The all-electric Formula E series is particularly interesting, sure- but the budget there (even on the high side) is barely a tenth of what a full-fledged assault on Formula 1 would cost. Even so, Porsche execs will be sitting in at the next engine manufacturers’ meeting in Baku, where they’ll discuss future options with Renault, Mercedes, Ferrari, and Honda. Speaking of Honda, Porsche has to be looking their way. Especially since, after Honda’...

New Formula One Engine Rules Package Under Consideration For 2021

Formula One is thinking about the next engine rules package for 2021 and beyond. Should it go forward with more technological wizardry and complexity in the name of efficiency or take a step back to more conventional gasoline engines?

Formula One Prepares For First Race In Azerbaijan (w/Video)

Formula One will pay its first visit to the city of Baku in Azerbaijan next week. The track is a narrow, concrete lined street circuit with many sharp turns, few straights and no run off areas.

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