Drag Racing

700 HP Electric eCOPO Camaro Hits the Drag Strip (w/ Video)

When the all-electric eCOPO Camaro was first unveiled at last year’s SEMA show, its creators claimed it was putting out more than 700HP and would run a quarter mile in about 9 seconds. Someone finally got the car to the track — and it got pretty close. Heck, there was even daylight under the fronts!   eCOPO Camaro at the Dragstrip | Video Despite the wheelie, the eCOPO Camaro put in a 10.14 second pass at just over 130 MPH. That time was made possible by the two Borg Warner HVH 250-150 motor assemblies at the rear of the car, each of which makes more than 300 lb-ft of torque at 0 RPM. Combined with the Camaros’ 56% rear weight bias, a good launch is almost inevitable. To be clear, there is almost zero chance of an electric Camaro seeing its way to production. Not any...

Meet the World’s Quickest 1/4 Mile Electric Doorslammer

The TC-X electric doorslammer made a perfect run at 7.98 seconds at 170 MPH! You can watch that record run as it happened, here!

Elon Musk Delivers a 10 Second Car: Tesla Model S P90D

At some point, Elon Musk must have wrecked Vin Diesel's 10 second car ... because he just delivered a 10 second Tesla Model S to the guys at Motor Trend!

800 HP Zombie 222 Electric Mustang Goes 174 MPH At The Texas Mile

When I was creating a new motto for GAS2, I choose “Burn Rubber, Not Gas” as it best describes my feelings towards alternative fuels; we can go green, and go fast, and all without burning gas. John Wayland and Mitch Medford feel the same way, and their 800 horsepower electric 1968 Ford Mustang recently went to the famed Texas Mile to set a record for the fastest production-based electric vehicle. The Verge was on hand with an excellent, in-depth report to go along with this above video, and if you’re as into this sort of thing as me, both are pretty much required viewing. The piece gets in-depth with John Wayland, a legendary EV modified whose electric Datsun known as “White Zombie” is feared at many drag strips across the Pacific Northwest. His partner, Texas businessman Mitch...

Electric Drag Racing Rivalry Rising As Garlits Fails To Hit 200 MPH Again

Don Garlits came up short again in his quest to reach 200 MPH in an electric dragster, and a new rival made up of former teammates has arisen.

Tesla Model S P85D VS. P85+ Drag Race

In a drag race pitting a Tesla Model S P85D with the Dual Motor Drive versus the former top-dog P85+, you’ll see what a difference an extra motor can make.

Electric Golf Cart Reaches 118 MPH, Sets World Record

Plum Quick Motors has built themselves a record-setting electric golf cart, rocketing down the drag strip in 12.2 seconds at 118 MPH.

Video: "Black Zombie" Electric Mustang Makes Drag Strip Debut

Last week John Wayland revealed to the world a 1968 Ford Mustang with a 750 horsepower electric drivetrain, and here's video of it in action.

A 750 Horsepower Electric Mustang To Silence The Haters

Finally, somebody is taking a classic Ford Mustang, and stuffing a powerful electric drivetrain under the hood. That someone is John Wayland.

Video: Ethanol-fueled Nissan GTR Sets 1/4 Mile Record

Nissan's R35 GTR is a performance icon. It's also a car that we've featured here on Gas 2 in various forms over the years, most notably as a Switzer Performance-tuned, ethanol-fueled street terror. Keep in mind, we've never posted any sort of official acceleration times, but the comments and emails surrounding Switzer's E900 and E1K-X posts always include the same question: how fast will it go?