Car Sharing

Electric Car Sharing Set to Launch in Sacramento

Over one hundred EVs are being deployed in a car sharing initiative brought to Sacramento by Envoy and Electrify America. 142 Volkswagen e-Golf electric cars will be available in the Sacramento area by early 2019 at 71 locations. The first of the EVs are located near the Whispering Pines Apartments in Meadowview. They can be rented by the minute, hour, or day. Envoy’s co-founders, Aric Ohana and Ori Sagie, answered some questions about the program for CleanTechnica.   VW e-Golf Set to Star in Car Sharing Plan 1. How many vehicles will be used in the electric car sharing program? The initial deployment in early November was 20 vehicles at 10 multi-family properties. By early 2019, our fleet will eventually feature more than 140 vehicles in over 70 different locations across Sacramento ...

Uber Announces Plans to Buy 24,000 Self-driving Volvo Cars

Uber has Announced an agreement to Buy 24,000 Self-driving Volvo XC90 and S90 SPA platform autonomous Cars between 2019 and 2021.

Power To Run Computers For Autonomous Cars Lowers Range

The computers needed to make autonomous cars possible require so much power, they actually reduce overall efficiency and fuel economy. Is that a problem?

Google and Alphabet Poised To Invest $1 Billion In Lyft

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is poised to invest a billion dollars in ride hailing service Lyft. Several years ago, it was an early investor in Uber. What's going on?

Death Spiral For Oil And Auto Industry Will Be Complete By 2030, Predicts Futurist

Futurist and economist Tony Seba predicts both the auto industry and the oil business will be virtually destroyed by economic changes that will be complete by 2030. Is he right?

AAA Launches Gig Car Sharing Service In Bay Area On April 30

AAA will launch Gig, its new car sharing service, in Oakland and Berkeley California on April 30 using 250 Prius C hybrid cars.

BMW Bringing Its DriveNow Car Sharing Program To Seattle

BMW's car sharing service, DriveNow, is testing the waters in the city of Seattle, where it would compete with Mercedes' Car2Go service. BMW uses i3 sedans for DriveNow duty.

What’s Really Going On Over at Blue Indy?

Blue Indy got its official start today, launching an all-electric ride sharing service in downtown Indianapolis- but do they have all their ducks in a row?

BlueIndy Electric Car Sharing Service Begins September 2

After many delays, the BlueIndy electric car sharing service is set to begin September 2. It will have 500 cars and 200 charging stations within the city.

DeltaWing Wants To Build An Electric Three-Wheeler In Georgia

DeltaWing Technologies is moving forward with a plan to design and build a $15,000 electric three-wheeler in Georgia with an emphasis on car sharing.