Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Toyota Partners With Kenworth To Develop Next Generation Hydrogen Trucks #CES2019

Toyota and Kenworth have taken the wraps off a collaboration that will see the two companies jointly developing 10 zero-emission trucks powered by Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell energy storage technology.

Nikola Motors And Bosch Team Up For Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Trucks

Nikola Motors and Bosch are teaming up to develop electric trucks that combine hydrogen fuel cells and Bosch's self contained e-Axle for Class 8 heavy duty cargo tractors.

Alt Car Expo Introduces SoCal Residents To EV Culture

The Alt Car Expo in southern California is an annual event that helps EV customers learn about the advantages of electric cars.

Honda Clarity PHEV And EV Debut At New York Auto Show

The Honda Clarity PHEV and EV were both officially introduced to the public at the New York auto show this week. Both cars start in the low $30,000 range.

Honda Announces Prices For Hydrogen Powered Clarity

The Honda Clarity hydrogen powered fuel cell sedan will be in showrooms later this year. Honda says it will lease for "less than $500 a month."

Quant Salt Water Powered Car Ready For Production

The Quant salt water powered car goes 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, using a nanoflow battery and hydrogen fuel cell. Production is scheduled to begin soon in Europe

Is This Why Toyota Is Really So Anti-BEV?

I’ve been planning to write this article for months. Maybe a year? Toyota has been perhaps the most anti-EV mass-market car company out there by some standards (perhaps excluding Fiat due to Sergio Marchionne). As I noted yesterday, its foray into plug-in electric cars was essentially the lamest of all, bringing a Prius Plug-in to market that just has 11 miles of battery-electric range, or 6 actual miles. It has been promoting the heck out of its lame, over-priced Mirai, while talking smack about battery-electric vehicles that are soooooo much better. And then it drops this kind of nonsense on the “limits” of battery-electric vehicles. I wasn’t going to even address that Forbes article and just jump into why I really think Toyota is so anti-EV, but I can’t res...

Hydrogen From Ammonia – Will It Work?

Two British scientist have proposed a new way to obtain hydrogen from ammonia to power fuel cell cars. Does their idea have merit or is just pie in the sky?

Vancouver Ends Hydrogen Bus Program Amid High Costs

Vancouver is selling its hydrogen bus fleet to the highest bidder. If it can't find a buyer, it will convert all 20 buses to diesel power. What went wrong?

The Biggest Problem With The Toyota Mirai? It’s Boring

This is not going to be your typical “Chris complains that hydrogen cars are inefficient and silly” story. No, today I want to take some time and complain about the Toyota’s seeming lack of enthusiasm for its own product. The Toyota Mirai has managed to take a technology a lot of people should be excited for, and made it boring. These videos are a perfect example of how it seems like Toyota isn’t even trying to get people hyped up about hydrogen. Production of the Toyota Mirai is taking place at the former Lexus LFA supercar factory, and with just 13 workers on the assembly line production is limited to 10 cars a day, at most. Toyota is investing an additional $165 million to boost production on what it says is higher-than-expected demand, and yet it feels like they’re doing everythi...

Elon Musk Shreds Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Again

Are electric drivetrains the way of the future, or are hydrogen fuel cells a better answer? That depends entirely on whom you ask, and if you were to ask someone from Toyota, they’d be sure to expound on the supposed merits of fuel cell vehicles. But ask Elon Musk, and he won’t mince words as he tells you exactly what he thinks of hydrogen “fool cells.” At last month’s Automotive News World Congress, Musk was invited to speak to the assembled press and industry magnates to discuss Tesla Motors, as well as the auto industry as a whole. While Musk was pleased to see other automakers, like General Motors, getting more involved in building electric vehicles, he still takes issue with cars like the Toyota Mirai, which rely on inefficient fuel cells to store energy for transportation. In the pas...

Toyota: Don’t Drink The (Fuel Cell) Water

Toyota says it’s perfectly harmless to drink the water from its hydrogen fuel cel vehicles...but, uh, you probably shouldn’t. Huh?

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