EV Charging

Taycan Fast Charging Station Gets a Name: Porsche Pit Stop

It took a while for the Porsche Mission e to get an official name. Even after settling on Taycan, however, it seems like Porsche wasn’t done naming stuff. So with that, meet the German fast-charging station with a brand new name: Porsche Pit Stop. Part of the company’s planned EV charging network of 500 EV charging stations in North America, the Porsche Pit Stop is scheduled to be installed next. Just in time for the launch of the all-electric Porsche Taycan, in fact. Once ready, they’ll be able to charge the Taycan’s 800-volt battery in “ultra fast” time … whatever that means. Even that charging network, though, is just part of a bigger plan to make Porsche buyers forget that there’s another super ultra fast charging network out there for a ...

Sweden Announces “Unlimited Range” EV Highway

The electric road- one that charges electric cars and trucks as the drive across it- is often seen as the Holy Grail of EV adoption. Eliminate range anxiety utterly, the argument goes, and we’ll reach a tipping point for all things electric. Well, we’ll soon see if that’s how this thing is going to play out, because the Swedish government has just unveiled a 1.2-mile long stretch with an integrated electrical rail that charges a fleet of custom-designed, pass-through trucks using the truck’s movable arm. And you haven’t even heard the best part about this road: it’s fully operational. “The technology offers infinite range — range anxiety disappears,” said Gunnar Ashland, CEO of Elways, in a statement. But he goes on to talk about some unexpected benefits, as w...

Gas2 Week in Review: Tesla Is Tested — In Model 3 Production and In Person during a Middle East Roadtrip

This edition of the "Gas2 Week in Review" captures a first-timer's experiences up-close-and-personal with Teslas.

CES 2018: Honda PCX Electric Scooter w/ Battery Swap Tech

Launched at CES 2018: Honda PCX Electric Scooter w/ Battery Swap Tech taht could do for light electric vehicles what batteries did for cordless drills!

Tesla Reconfigures Charging Port For Chinese Market

Tesla is now build its cars for delivery in China with a new dual charging port arrangement built into the left rear fender as it pushes forward with its plans to be a leading electric car seller in the Chinese market.

Solar Motor Home For More Sustainable Vacations

A motor home with solar panels for environmentally conscious vacationers is now available on the market.

New York Announces Plan To Install Up To 1,000 EV Fast Charging Stations By 2020

New York City will spend $10 million to build 50 fast charging hubs in the city by 2020. Each hub will have up to 20 fast charging stations,

Porsche Mission E Priced To Take On Tesla Model S

Porsche says its four door dual motor electric car will be on sale in 2019 and be priced at around $85,000. Will it appeal to potential Tesla buyers or will it carve out a new market niche of its own?

Honda Urban EV Concept And Smart Power Sharing System At Frankfurt Auto Show

Honda is late to the electric car party. Like most of its fellow Japanese car companies, it has been chasing the fuel cell chimera while Tesla was busy turning the automotive industry upside down with innovative electric cars. Now Honda is playing catch up. At the Frankfurt auto show this week, it is presenting two new products — the Honda Urban EV Concept and a Smart Power Sharing system. Of the two, the second may be the most important. Honda Urban EV Concept Looking a little like the original Volkswagen Rabbit, the Honda Urban EV Concept is a three door hatchback designed to transport four people. “This is not some vision of the distant future. A production version of this car will be here in Europe in 2019,” Honda CEO told the press at the Frankfurt auto show.  The Concept is bui...

Compact Tesla Supercharger Coming For Urban Areas

Charging infrastructure for urban areas is a problem. With open land at a premium in congested cities, finding room to install chargers can be a challenge. Tesla is aware of the issue and, as usual, is being proactive in its response. On September 11, Tesla posted on its blog that it has developed a new compact Tesla Supercharger specifically for use in cities. “It is extremely important for our customers to be able to easily charge their cars. The most convenient way to charge is to plug in overnight at home, and for most people, this is all that is needed. However, for customers who use their car for long distance travel, there is a growing network of Superchargers located along highways on popular driving routes. We have also installed thousands of Destination Charging connectors ...

Australia to Build Electric Highway Along Great Barrier Reef

Last week, the Australian government has revealed plans to build a new, 1800 kilometer-long electric highway on coastal roads running along the Great Barrier Reef. featuring free EV charging stations. The project is an effort to promote EVs in Australia as countries like Britain and France move to completely ban the sales of diesel and gas-only vehicles by 2040. “This project is ambitious, but we want as many people as possible on board the electric vehicle revolution, as part of our transition to a low-emissions future,” explains Queensland State Minister (he’s like a governor) Steven Miles. That low-emission future Miles is talking about is coming quickly, too. Just this week, the government of Great Britain said it would ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from ...

Picking The Right Electric Car Charger For Your Home

Searching for the right charging equipment for your new electric car? Consumer Reports has some advice that could save you money.