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2018 Toyota Alphard Rowen, or: Japanese Van Culture is Insane

Most gear heads already know that we, here in the United States, don’t always get all of the products offered by a given car maker. Ford has been selling Rangers in Europe for years, Nissan has an innovative hybrid minivan that would change the face of the US van market, and Mazda has a 6-based station wagon that’s so pretty it’ll melt your socks. For whatever reason, though, the powers-that-be at those companies have decided not to bring those cars here. It’s a shame, because we end up missing out on insanity like this: the 2018 Toyota Alpherd by Rowen. The Toyota Alphard is an Asian-market minivan that’s aggressively styled with a broad, metallic grin that wouldn’t look out of place on a Power Ranger’s rig. As wild as it looks from the factory, t...

Just Right – Ford Transit Connect Makes Living on the Road Easier

Ever dream of hitting the road in a Ford Transit turned tiny house? The tiny home trend is here to stay and provides the green-conscious a way to live in comfort with a minimal footprint, both literal and environmental. While many tiny homes require an additional capable vehicle to tow the home from place to place, a group of entrepreneurs yearning for flexibility and work-life balance have turned to a classic platform to create mobile live/work spaces that are both personal and economical. Ford recently highlighted a few inspiring women who are using the flexibility that’s baked into the Ford Transit Connect van to make life on the road a little bit easier. Check out Ford’s release below, then let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page. ROAD W...

Tesla Model 3 Track Mode Unlocked – Sets Track Record

Sasha Anis and his crew of tuners at Mountain Pass Performance may be known for their big brake kits, coilovers, and suspension mods for the Tesla Model 3, but today, they took the wraps off their latest and perhaps greatest achievement: disabling Electronic Stability Control (SC) and the Traction Control System (TCS) without disabling the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) on the Model 3. CleanTechnica got an inside scoop. While details on the modification have yet to be shared, Sasha did share that they have designed a defeat system that, unlike the defeat devices implemented by internal combustion vehicle manufacturers, is designed to let the vehicle play a little nicer on the track. The factory Stability Control and Traction Control systems were designed to maximize traction and safety in ...

Classic Volvo 142 Gets the DIY Electric Treatment

Kjell Ekelund is an interesting guy. A retired foreman with fifteen years of Volvo experience and plenty of time on his hands, Ekelund is an expert tinker- and an idealistic one, at that! That’s why he decided to build the car you see here: an all-electric Volvo 142. “I thought it was interesting to put an electric motor, for my grandchildren’s sake,” says Ekelund, who seems to want to inspire his grandchildren to build better, cleaner cars. “With ‘My grandfather’s electric car’,” he continues, “they can see what is possible.” Inspired or not, it’s unlikely Ekelund’s grandkids will get many speeding tickets in their electric 142. That’s because its top speed is just shy of 50 MPH. Even so, that’s plen...

THIS is the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake You Want

Say what you will about Tesla’s recently embattled CEO (I know I do!), but you can’t deny the company builds some awesome enthusiast cars. One look at an original Roadster or super-fast Model S is enough to get a gearhead’s blood running, sure– but even those awesome machines aren’t as exciting as that one-off coachbuilt Model S Shooting Brake that surfaced a few months ago. Now, though, there’s a new Model S shooting brake: and it’s amazing.   Tesla Model S Shooting Brake | Studio Gallery Built by the Dutch coachbuilders at RemetzCar, this one off Tesla does a much better job integrating the station wagon’s Shooting Brake’s added cargo capacity into the Model S’ swoopy lines than Phil Hayton’s Qwest-built car. The deta...

Orbis Ring Drive Brings Hybrid Power to 2WD Cars

The promise of in-wheel or “hub” electric motors has always been the easy electrification of existing 2WD cars. Imagine turning a Ford Mustang or Chevy Corvette into an AWD, GTR-baiting hybrid supercar while – at the same time – making it cleaner and greener on short commutes and errand runs when the ICE motor is least efficient. It’s a heck of a dream, and one that Orbis is making a reality…with the already insanely fast Honda Civic Type R. Each Orbis wheel motor adds about 70HP to the vehicl e’s output – making for an extra 140HP in total. More than enough in other words, to take car’s performance to the next level and make it down to the Piggly Wiggly. Our good friend, HondaPro Jason, recently got a chance to meet up with the Orbis g...

K-Speed Honda Super Cub is the Sikkest Moped of 2018

Built in just 30 days t0 mark the launch of the 2018 Honda Super Cub, the K-Speed Honda Super Power Cub is already the Sikkest Moped of 2018!

New Ford F150 Hybrid Gets 50% More MPG (w/ Video)

New Ford F150 Hybrid developed by XLHybrids helps fleets get 50% better Fuel Economy without negatively affecting the factory warranty (w/ Video).

Found on Craigslist: Volvo 850 Tiny House in San Fran

Found on Craigslist: this classic Volvo 850 Wagon has been converted to a Tiny House - and, if you like it, you can buy it!

Recycled Hawtness: the Rosebery Double Decker Bus Bar

Recycled Hawtness: the Rosebery Double Decker Bus Bar, built by the Bus Business in the UK, is a high-end bar and restaurant on the go!

That Bespoke Tesla Wagon is Coming Along Nicely

That Bespoke Tesla Wagon (er, shooting brake- since it's in the UK) is Coming Along Nicely - and no one is as happily surprised as me!

Big V8 Breathes New Life into Classic Lotus Esprit

A 3.9L period-correct Rover V8 Breathes New Life into the Classic Lotus Esprit. It's for sale now, and its numerous updates might make it a great buy!