Fuel Economy

2019 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid Arrives in Dealerships

Sport Hybrid SUV. Three words calculated to appeal to an impressive Venn diagram of the American motoring public. Paired with a premium badge, 37% higher fuel efficiency, and not so premium hybrid upgrade cost, this seven passenger NSX cousin may be the large SUV hybrid to beat in 2019. And you can see one right now. The 2019 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid began arriving at Acura dealerships nationwide August 1st featuring four new exterior color options and new interior wood treatment. The 2019 MDX Sport Hybrid will open with a starting Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $52,800 (excluding $995 destination and handling). This price reflects only a modest price premium of $1,500 over the conventionally powered MDX SH-AWD® with Technology Package despite offering standard adaptiv...

Mazda Skactiv-X Gets Gold at Edison Awards for Innovation

Mazda may be alone in their belief that the internal combustion engine has plenty of life left, but their Syactiv-X HCCI engine definitely seems like the real deal. To recap: Mazda believes their tech will both increase horsepower and improve fuel economy and vehicle emissions without the added weight and cost of a battery and charging system. It seems to work- well enough, at least, to earn the company Gold at the Edison Awards for Innovation earlier this month! “We are humbled that Edison Awards steering committee and industry leaders selected Mazda’s Skyactiv-X engine for a gold award,” said Masashi Otsuka, VP of R&D and design, Mazda North American Operations. “Mazda’s goal is to create a sustainable path forward, introducing cars and technologies that enrich people’s lives as wel...

Ford Slammed Over CAFE Fight in New Sierra Club Video

Ford Slammed in New Sierra Club Video Over CAFE Fight with the EPA - simply: the company doesn't want to build higher MPG vehicles.

Mazda SkyActive X Engine — More Power, Less Fuel, Lower Emissions

Mazda has introduced a new gasoline engine at the Tokyo motor show that operates much like a diesel, giving greater torque, better fuel economy and lower emissions.

Gasoline Engines Emit More Particulates Than Diesels

A study in Switzerland finds that gasoline engines equipped with direct injection systems emit up to 100 times more particulates than diesels engines. Surprise!

Say Hello To Compound Turbocharging Thanks To 48 Volt Electrical Systems

The e-booster from Borg Warner uses an electric supercharger to boost torque at low engine speeds until the turbocharger can take over. The company claims 85% more torque at 1500 rpm.

Automakers Eyeing Higher Octane Gasoline To Lower Emissions

Automakers and oil companies are working together to develop higher octane gasoline for more efficient engines with lower carbon emissions. Expect regular gas to disappear from gas stations in 5 years or so.

Ford Fusion Becomes First Hybrid Police Cruiser

Ford has unveiled the first hybrid police cruiser, a beefed up version of the Fusion Hybrid specially prepared to survive the rigors of police work,

Which Family Sedans Have The Longest Range? Here’s The Top 10

Want a family sedan that can travel long distances without stopping to refuel? Here are the ten gasoline powered cars in America with the longest range.

While I’m Waiting: 41 MPG 2016 Mazda 3 Skyactiv

With the CR-V in the body shop I needed a ride, and Mazda delivered with a 41 MPG Mazda 3 sedan. What did I think of the sporty 4 door? Find out ...

Speed Dating: the 50 MPG 2016 Toyota Corolla S

After a full week and nearly 300 miles of driving in and around Chicago, my 2016 Toyota Corolla tester got better than 50 (fifty!) MPG.

Graphene Converts Heat Into Electricity

Graphene can be used to make low cost composites that convert waste heat into electricity to extend the range of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric cars.

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