CNG Trucks are Hauling Without Emissions

Almost a half trillion dollars worth of goods are imported in the US through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach every year. Almost all the containers that arrive at those ports are hauled relatively short distances to freight distribution facilities located inland by special purpose drayage trucks designed specifically for such short-haul work. At those freight terminals, the containers are hooked up to the long distance tractors that will deliver them to every part of America. With so much cargo coming in, tens of thousands of trips between the ports and the terminals take place all day every day. With rare exceptions, all those drayage trucks are equipped with diesel engines that spew out tremendous quantities of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur oxide emissions, making th...

Mazda Denies Emissions Cheat Allegations

When news broke that Mazda might have been caught cheating on emissions tests, the press moved quickly to report it. I didn’t, because I didn’t believe Mazda had it in them. Today, Mazda released more details about the “suspect” tests and their testing methods that seems to effectively refute those cheating allegations recently leveled at Mazda (and, it should be said, Suzuki). The official Mazda statement is included, below. Before you read that, however, consider the culture of Mazda. Mazda is the company that drilled holes into seats, pedals, and bulkheads to reduce weight in the 90s. They’re the company that brought back the roadster. They’re also the company that forged ahead with the Wankel, and made it a workable, emissions friendly passing thing....

US Appeals Court: $10 Billion VW Settlement Stands

Any hope VW had of avoiding a $10.03 billion payout to owners of its emissions-cheating diesel cars were dashed Monday, when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed a number of the company’s objections to the settlement. The settlement, originally reached in 2016, is meant to appease the owners of nearly 500,000 polluting diesel vehicles. In their judgement, the three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit said that the settlement, “delivered tangible, substantial benefits to class members, seemingly the equivalent of — or superior to — those obtainable after successful litigation, and was arrived at after a momentous effort.” All of which is to say that it seemed pretty fair to them. So far, it looks like VW will be on the hook for as much as $25 b...

Ford Hits CO2 Emissions Targets — 8 Years Early!

Earlier this week, Ford announced that it had achieved its stated goal to reduce the CO2 emissions of its manufacturing facilities to more sustainable levels. The kicker, though, is that it didn’t just meet its 2017 goal. The Blue Oval has met its 2025 goal. (!) I will freely admit that I’ve been a bit hard on Ford lately forever, but stuff like committing its EV development to China while its US lineup languishes is annoying. The company’s decision to wait for an NEP mandate to commit to electric, biofuel, or fuel cells is also pretty f***ing maddening. Still, this is a big win, and I’m happy to give the Ford guys a well-earned victory lap for it. You can check out the official Ford press release, below. Then let us know what you think of the company’s effort...

Death of Diesel: Volvo Says No to New Diesel S60

Volvo has been leading the way recently with a carbon neutral engine factory in Ghent, Belgium and a commitment to electrify its entire model range from 2019 on. So, Volvo is committed to doing good stuff- but it’s also going stop doing bad stuff. In that spirit, Volvo Cars have announced that they will not be offering a diesel version of their mainstream S60 sedan when that model gets redesigned next year. That’s huge! It’s not just a big deal in light of Volkswagen’s multi-billion dollar criminal fraud case for diesel emissions, either. It’s huge because the S60 diesel has been one of the company’s hottest sellers. Pulling the plug can mean only one thing: Volvo is serious about going green. Check out the official press release, below, then let us know...

Mazda Skactiv-X Gets Gold at Edison Awards for Innovation

Mazda may be alone in their belief that the internal combustion engine has plenty of life left, but their Syactiv-X HCCI engine definitely seems like the real deal. To recap: Mazda believes their tech will both increase horsepower and improve fuel economy and vehicle emissions without the added weight and cost of a battery and charging system. It seems to work- well enough, at least, to earn the company Gold at the Edison Awards for Innovation earlier this month! “We are humbled that Edison Awards steering committee and industry leaders selected Mazda’s Skyactiv-X engine for a gold award,” said Masashi Otsuka, VP of R&D and design, Mazda North American Operations. “Mazda’s goal is to create a sustainable path forward, introducing cars and technologies that enrich people’s lives as wel...

Mazda SkyActive X Engine — More Power, Less Fuel, Lower Emissions

Mazda has introduced a new gasoline engine at the Tokyo motor show that operates much like a diesel, giving greater torque, better fuel economy and lower emissions.

Marchionne Believes Too Many Electric Cars Could Endanger The Planet

Sergio Marchionne says electric cars will make carbon emissions worse, not better. What is this man smoking?

Diesel Greenwashing Campaign In Europe Doesn’t Add Up

The German automakers want to slow down tougher emissions rules for diesel cars because they have lower carbon dioxide emissions and besides, nobody really wants to buy electric cars. Neither is true.

France Plans To Ban Sale Of Cars With Internal Combustion Engines By 2040

France has announced a plan to ban the sale of cars with internal combustion engines by 2040 as part of its commitment to the goals of the Paris climate accords.

Water-cooled Exhaust Manifold = More Power, Less Emissions

New Water-cooled Exhaust Manifold technology from Volkswagen and Honda means More Power, Less Emissions from new internal combustion engines.

Gasoline Engines Emit More Particulates Than Diesels

A study in Switzerland finds that gasoline engines equipped with direct injection systems emit up to 100 times more particulates than diesels engines. Surprise!

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