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Toyota Developing 600+ Mile Battery; Nissan Says Long Range EV’s Unnecessary

As the world’s automakers slowly move to embrace electric vehicles, each brand or group is taking a decidedly different approach to EV’s and hybrids. Just look at the vastly different approaches of Toyota and Nissan. While Toyota is working to develop a battery with 600+ miles of range, Nissan says that 95% of Americans only need 100 miles of range a day.

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Plug In Day | A Moment of Silence for the Oil Industry

On a typically gorgeous day in Los Angeles, I awoke at “racin’ time” (6am) to meet Harlan Flagg and some of his customers for a Sunday ride. We had a blast tearing through Beverly Hills then past the Tesla dealership and the incoming Fisker dealership en route to Plug In America’s parade in Santa Monica. Once there, I met with EV industry luminaries such as Chelsea Sexton and Ed Begley Jr.

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AltCar Expo 2011 | More Players in the Game

28 models representing the cleanest of the clean in 4-wheeled transport were on hand to be test-driven by the public, while the Expo floor showed some of the more exotic models, as well as interesting new tech in the industry. There were interesting panel discussions and presentations by directors of great films about EV’s.

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