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Gas 2 covers several auto shows throughout the year, with an emphasis on alternative fuel, high-mileage, and low-emission vehicles.

EICMA 2018: All-new Honda CB650R

We knew Honda was teasing the new CB650R when we saw the Neo Café 2020 concept in Paris last month. What we didn’t know was just how soon the production version would follow it! Now, it’s here. Meet the all-new 2019 Honda CB650R. The new CB650R replaces the CB650F as Honda’s middleweight standard-bearer, and combines retro/modern styling with serious performance bits from the top-shelf CBR1000RR supersports bike. It’s a compelling package, on paper, but we’ll have to wait until April to ride one in person. I mean, unless Honda wants to send me to Texas to ride one again. I’ll let you know if that happens. In the meantime, check out the full spec sheet and more press photos of the new CB650R, below, then take some time to let us know what you think of the...

EICMA 2018: Royal Enfield Concept KX (w/ Video)

Royal Enfield has been on a bit of a roll since it launched its Continental GT “Rocker Special” a few years ago. Since then, the company has finally taken an interest in the US market, and it seems like that interest is growing– because the Concept KX is aimed right at the heart of the American cruiser market. The engine is an 838cc, water-cooled V-Twin with a ton of visual presence. Royal Enfield says it’s a clean sheet design, and it may be, but that’s not what this bike is about. RE is letting the world’s V-Twin riders know that a V-Twin Enfield is coming soon, and that they should get their down payments ready. Check out the Concept KX’s official Instagram debut video, below, then let us know what you think of the prospect of a big-engine Royal...

Want: Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle

Honda is a leader in both automotive and motorcycle technology. We know that, already– what’s less well-known is Honda’s strength in the ATV segment. Some of that is due to Honda’s focus on the utility side of the ATV and side-by-side market, but they’re hoping to change that utilitarian image. To that end, Honda have introduced this: the Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle. Blending the size and power of the Honda Ridgeline with the styling and off-road capability of the Honda Pioneer 1000 side-by-side, the Rugged Open Air Vehicle was built to show the world that Honda knows what it takes to have fun in the dirt. I think they make a pretty convincing argument, but that’s just me. What do you guys think of Honda’s latest sandbox toy? Does it go too far? ...

Tesla Model S Widebody Launched at SEMA

Say what you will about Elon Musk– whether you think he’s a hero or a con man– but you can’t deny that his Tesla Model S is a serious machine. The car is seriously expensive, seriously quick, and seriously scaring the pants off of longtime segment-leaders Mercedes-Benz. Now, it’s Mercedes’ AMG sub-brand that should be feeling the pressure, thanks to the Model S-APEX widebody by Unplugged Performance. Unplugged Performance has been positioning itself as “the AMG to Tesla’s Mercedes” for a while now, and has offered performance parts and body kits for both the Model S and Model 3 sedans. This latest conversion is something more, however. It’s more complete, more transformative, and altogether more badass. And, yes, there is a Merced...

Dethleffs New Self-propelled Electric Camper Wows in Düsseldorf

  You may recall last year the release of Dethleffs E.Home electric motorhome. The first-of-its-kind all electric camper was a veritable mobile solar generating station that would get you well over 100 miles out of the city, and charge itself while you camped for the trip back. Now the new towable E.Home Coco caravan trailer joins Dethleffs’ growing stable of ways to save and see the environment at the same time. Just like its larger sibling, the E.Home Coco comes with a bank of solar panels for recharge and power availability on the go. This tow trailer has a neat trick, though. It is self-propelled, meaning smaller and more eco-friendly vehicles can handle the caravan. Dethleffs is aiming for an all-electric camper experience, and the electric powered Coco can be towed by vehi...

New VW Camper Set to Launch Next Month

Ever dream of owning your very own VW Camper? Look at the pictures. Take them all in. That van may not carry the Westfalia badge, but when the 2018 Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf rolls around on August 24th and Volkswagen reveals the production version of its all-new California XXL camper, there will be no doubt: the VW Camper Van is back! Most recently, it has been Ford and Mercedes-based vans that wear the storied Westy name. That name however, was made famous by VW and not the other way around. This latest VW camper then, has some wrongs to right – and the company that brought you the original “Bulli” camper van in the 1960s hopes this new van will become just as iconic as its famous ancestor. The Details At nearly 6 meters long, the upcoming VW California XXL is a monste...

Meet the Terrifying 1,914 HP Rimac C Two Electric Supercar

The rumors seemed impossible, but they turned out to be true: meet the Terrifying 1,914 HP Rimac C Two Electric Supercar that just debuted at Geneva.

New Chevy Silverado Packs Less Weight, More Features (14 Photos)

All new Chevy Silverado for 2019 Packs 450 lbs. Less Weight, More Features, and serious toughness with up to 30 MPG. (14 Photos)

About Face: Ford Says it Will Have 40 Electrified Vehicles by 2025

In an $11 Billion About Face Ford Says it Will Have 40 Electrified Vehicles by 2025 - and some of those might even make it to the US!

Autonomous Chevy Bolt AV Shown Without Steering Wheel

GM revealed an autonomous Chevy Bolt AV at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show that's built Without a Steering Wheel - it is 100% driverless!

All-new, 2019 Ford Ranger is Finally Here (30 Photos)

After years of waiting, we're excited to say that The all-new, 2019 Ford Ranger is Finally Here! It bowed at NAIAS 2018 (30 Photos!)

CES 2018: Expect Annoying Ads in Your Car, Soon

CES 2018: A new startup called Telenav is hoping to help OEMs put Annoying Ads in Your New Car as a way to reduce consumer costs.