The Tesla Model 3 has one of the most beautiful interiors you can find in a car of its class. The focal point of the whole interior is the center console. Given the dash’s minimalist design, the center console is the interior that both the driver and the passengers are likely to interact with the most.

Therefore, to keep your Model 3’s interior looking neat, you need to keep the center console organized. It’s hard to do this when you have coins, sunglasses, flash drives, and other unrelated items strewn all over. This is why you should consider getting a console organizer. Let’s look at 5 of the best console organizers you can get for your Model 3.

Basenor Model 3 Center Console Organizer

Using the Model 3 center console organizer from Basenor is a great way to keep your center console neat. This version is custom made for both Model Y and 3 because they have identical center consoles. It fits like a glove on these two cars’ center consoles.

Another advantage of using this particular center console organizer is that it was made with Model 3 owners in mind. Therefore, the tray can hold all the standard items car owners store in their center consoles. It contains a glasses holder, a separate coin holder, and a huge general tray, all with laser fit liners at the bottom.

Since it’s made of black ABS plastic, you can be sure that it’s strong and sturdy. The laser fit liners at the bottom also help hold your items firmly in place. The non-slip rubber at the bottom of the tray helps prevent the liners from sliding around the tray. It has double raised edges on the liners, which contain crumbs and spills and cleaning easy. Basenor is so confident with this product that they give you a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

CDEFG Model 3 Center Console Organizer

If you’d like to add a sporty look to your interior, this is the perfect center console addition. It’s custom made for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y’s center console and will fit perfectly here. To break black monotony, the CDEFG console organizer comes with blue or red trim options.

The custom ABS plastic design ensures that these organizers survive through rough driving conditions and still be firm enough not to interfere with your phone’s charging. It also comes with an organization tray that can hold all the standard items that Model 3 owners usually have in the center console.

TAPTES Model Y and 3 Center Console Organizer

The TAPTES patent designed center console organizer for Tesla model 3 is popular among those in the Tesla community. The Black frosted ABS material it’s made of ensures it will not break even on impact due to roughness while driving. The textured baseliner ensures your items are also safe since it is soft and cushioned.

The TAPTES console organizer comes with an organization tray that closes the interior. This means that you can store taller items over the tray and arrange the smaller things like mints and coins in their compartments in the organizational tray.

Installing the Taptes console organizer is a two-minute affair, and you’ll not require any special tools or skills.

Basenor Model 3 Console Organizer Armrest Hidden Storage

This is another amazing Basenor product specifically designed for your Model 3’s center console. It is a small hidden storage that you can include in the underside of your center console’s armrest. It fits perfectly into both the Model 3 and Y’s center consoles.

Like the Basenor center console organizer listed above, this hidden storage is made of black ABS plastic, making it strong. It blends well with the center console’s interior, especially if you have already installed the Basenor organizer. This ability to camouflage makes it perfect for storing personal items you’d like to keep hidden away.

Additionally, it’s easy to install; you peel off the double tape that it comes with and stick it on.

Teslarati Model 3 Center Console Organizer

The Teslarati center console organizer is also custom made for Models 3 and Y. Its most unique feature is the seven section organization tray. This feature considers almost every possible item you could have in your Model 3 center console. There’s a glasses case, compartments for mints or gum, Fast Track, hand sanitizers, and even your Tesla key card.

The rubber textured interior ensures that loose items don’t roll around, causing a rattle as you drive. The console organizer’s ABS body has cutouts for the USB ports and interior lights found in the stock center console. It is also straightforward to install. A point to note is that this is a full-size organizer and is not compatible with USB hubs.


As a Model 3 owner, you are going to interact with your interior more than your exterior. It’s essential to keep it neat, orderly, and appealing to enhance your driving experience. Adding any of the products we’ve listed above to your center console will set it apart from cars with the stock center consoles.