I have fond memories of going to drag races with my dad when I was a kid. Back then, it was all funny cars and other gas-guzzling vehicles only. I remember being shocked at how loud it was. The entire earth seemed to shake when the engines were started. To think that I may one day take my kids to a drag race that is all-electric is encouraging. Think about how far electric vehicle technology has come in the past thirty or so years! In addition to electric cars becoming mainstream, electric motorcycles are not far behind. We’ve covered electric motorcycles fairly extensively. If you’re interested, please click here and here for a few of our articles on the subject. In continuing this coverage, please feast your eyes on this list of the top 5 electric motorcycle drag races I was able to find.

1. Lawless OCC Electric Drag Bike

This is an oldie but a goodie. Larry “Spiderman” McBride shocked fans when he managed to get his Lawless OCC bike up to 188 miles per hour in just 7.16 seconds! Larry has since broken and set his own records for fastest electric motorcycle a few times over. Still, I like this video because it feels like this is the one that “started it all.” If you haven’t had the pleasure, do a little reading about “Spriderman,” he’s an interesting cat. I think this excerpt from an interview he did with CycleDrag a few months after this video was recorded sums him up nicely:

“My issue is I like helping people. It’s my biggest downfall. I can’t tell anyone no. Someone comes in and needs help with something, I do it. I am very honest and very direct with people. I really don’t beat around the bush. The worst thing anyone can ever say about me is that I’m an asshole or a prick. You can’t say I’m a liar. You can’t say I’m a thief. I may be a prick at times, but I’m not any of those other things. It’s just, I like helping people.”

I for one, appreciate honesty as a character trait. So rare these days…

2. Zero SR vs. Ninja H2

If you’ve got 20 minutes or so to kill, I highly recommend watching this video. Listen to Phil from Cleveland Moto and his commentary on the Zero, he really knows what he’s talking about. I like the way he describes riding the Zero as “stress relieving.” Kind of makes me want to go out and get one. Come to think of it…Phil is one heck of a salesman!

3. Zero DSR vs. Hayabusa

Okay. This is not an endorsement of street racing. We here at enrg.io do not support, condone, or otherwise wish to promote illegal activity of any kind. That being said, this video was filmed in Mexico. Not knowing anything about drag racing laws in Mexico, I don’t feel so negligent in posting it. I think the big takeaway from this video seems to be that the Zero smokes the ‘Busa off of the line, but not so much if the race continues for any length of time. One has to wonder how the Hayabusa would do against the ultra-fast lightning that we mentioned here.

When faced with an electric motorcycle naysayer in the comments section, “NewZeroland,” (the person who posted this video) had an excellent retort:

“Haha dude, you have to realize.. Zeros are just commuter bikes. Fun commuter bikes, but they’re not the most powerful options out there. Energicas and Lightnings are crazy, and the riding experience is honestly more intense than you’d think. If you have the chance to ride an Energica, definitely try one out.”

Even the troll had to admit that “NewZeroland” had a good point…

4. Silver Bullitt

Okay. This one is absolutely insane. Take a look at this baby breaking the 1/8 mile world record with a 4.82 second run. While this record was later broken by a person named Larry “Spiderman” McBride (you may remember him), it is nonetheless a very cool achievement. One thing unnerves me a bit however: the bike sounds a little bit like a dentist’s drill. That reminds me: I really need to go to the dentist.

In a recent interview with Cleantechnica, Hans-Henrik Thomsen of True Cousins Racing (the company that designed and built the Silver Bullitt gave us some insight as to his plans for the future:

“We are currently building a new 600kW battery pack for Silver Bullitt, so hopefully we can beat the fastest time ever set with an electric vehicle driven by legendary Larry McBride on ‘The Rocket’ at 1/8-mile in 4.499 sec. At the same time, we will try to get the time registered in Guinness Book of Records: Fastest standing 1/8-mile electric motorcycle,” he told the interviewer. 

Be careful out there guys!!

5. 210kW Racing Electric Yamaha R1 vs Petrol Bikes

Finishing out our list of the top 5 electric motorcycle drag races is this video from YouTuber “BrunoPOWEEER.” Bruno is without a doubt more excited about electric motorcycles than anyone I can think of in recent memory and I think that’s pretty cool. Check out the up close and personal look at the Yamaha at the beginning of the video. Watch until the end for a really cool “helmet cam” perspective from the bike’s rider. I agree with the comments section: Bruno’s enthusiasm is infectious.

One of Bruno’s friends posted the following to Facebook and I thought it was a lovely tribute to him:

“Bruno is the most dedicated scientist and “comedian” I know. He has a garage full of equipment and he is always improving his technical knowledge which means any project is viable if you have Bruno in your team. Don’t hesitate to hire him for your POWER Projects because Bruno will be the best asset you could have ever had.”

What do our readers think about these electric motorcycle drag races? Are there any others out there that you have found and would like to share? Please drop by the comments section below and post a link, share your opinion, or both!

Source | Image: Wikimedia Commons

Source | Videos: YouTube.com