We’ve brought you lists of the best Tesla forums and the best all-encompassing electric vehicle (EV) forums in the past. Today we show a bit of love to our readers who are lucky enough to own Chevrolet Bolts. The Bolt was introduced by Chevy in 2017 and has been lauded as an affordable, practical electric offering. The 2020 Bolt is capable of traveling almost 260 miles on a single charge, making it a strong competitor in the EV market. If you’re interested in the subject, here are the top 5 best Chevy Bolt forums. These are being presented in no particular order, they are all excellent!

5. Inside EVs Bolt Forum

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We love Inside EVs for their excellent reporting, but did you know that they also have various forums dedicated to specific vehicles? The Bolt section of this website is full of great information and discussion about all things Bolt. My only complaint is that the topics aren’t really grouped in any meaningful way, it’s just kind of a free-for-all. That being said, posts are made frequently and the site is easy to use.

4. ChevroletBolt.org

Chevy Bolt Forum

This forum brings Bolt enthusiasts together to discuss a myriad of topics including ordering and the latest news. There haven’t been too many posts as of late, but there is quite a bit of info that was posted in 2017 and 2018. This forum could be VERY helpful if you’re considering buying a used Bolt.

3. My Chevy Bolt Forum

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The forum at mychevybolt.org is neatly categorized and frequently visited. Users of this forum can post pictures of their beauties, write reviews, and even ask questions that will be answered by an authorized Chevy representative. The site also has a section specifically reserved for Bolt owners in Australia and Europe who drive their regions’ versions of the Bolt. You may make new friends all across the globe!

2. Bolt Section of the GM-Volt Forum

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GM Volt features a litany of interesting articles relating to all things Hybrid and EV. In addition, they offer several forums dedicated to the Chevy Volt, the Chevy Bolt, the Cadillac ELR, and the Spark EV. The forums also include sections for Formula E fans, as well as places to discuss politics and current events. As great as this is, remember to always keep it civil people!

1. ChevyBolt.org

Chevy Bolt EV Forum banner

ChevyBolt.org describes itself the following way:

“We’re the Largest Chevy Bolt EV Online Community and Owner’s Club. Join to discuss sport mode, reviews, battery range and charging!”

Claiming to have over 5,500 active members and over 105,000 posts made to its forum, chevybolt.org is certainly a great resource for Bolt owners and prospective owners. Users can post photos, discuss charging and battery issues, and interact with staff all in one place. I like the “Trending Discussions” feature on this forum which lets users know what topics are being discussed with the greatest frequency.

What do our readers think? Are there any other Chevy Bolt forums that you feel should have made this list? Are you currently active on any of the aforementioned forums? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

Source | Images: Chevrolet Motors / InsideEVs.com / ChevroletBolt.org / MyChevyBolt.com / GM-Volt.com / ChevyBolt.org