You can work from the office, from home, and now, you can work from your car. And what better car to work from than a Tesla? Tesla makes it possible to turn your car into a work station on stylish wheels. We compiled a list of the top five accessories to help you with this transformation.

Top Five Accessories to Make Your Tesla a Mobile Workstation

Work is waiting for you, and you don’t have to wait until you reach your destination to do it! Meet those deadlines with the help of the following accessories.

1. Nomad Wireless Charger for the Tesla Model 3

You want to stay connected, even when you are on the go. To do this, your phone needs to be sufficiently charged at all times, and this can be achieved by purchasing a wireless phone charging pad.

The Nomad wireless charger for the Tesla Model 3 has been specially designed to integrate seamlessly into the center console of your Tesla.  It has a fast-charging time and LED lights to indicate the charging status of your phone. It also has the capability to charge two phones at once, so no more choosing which phone to charge first, your personal or business phone. Both can be charged while working.

2. Sunshades

A sunshade or heatshield is an excellent accessory for your Tesla. The glaring sun may make it hard to work, especially if you are working on your laptop. The giant glass roof lets in a lot of heat and sun, affecting your ability to see and do your work.

You can use a sunshade to reduce the exposure of the sun and also to maintain a cooler temperature in the car. Tinting your car may also be an option to protect from harsh sun rays. A sunroof-tint or glass roof sunshade should be an item of necessity for individuals living in hot sunny climates.

3. Model S/X Quick Connection Phone Dock

It can be a hassle doing work and having various cables tangled up. Although you may be in the car, it serves as your workstation and should be organized. You should be able to holster your smartphone quickly and securely.

With the Quick Connection Phone Dock that is designed for Model S and  Model X, there will be no more fiddling with loose charging cables. When you purchase this universal docking base from Tesla, you also get your choice of USB-C cable, Micro-USB cable, or iPhone Lightning® cable.

4. LIKELY LED Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Rubber Cup Holder

While working, you may want to drink your favorite beverage. However, spills are something you can do without. An accessory that you can purchase to keep the cups, cans, or bottles secure in your Tesla is the LIKELY LED Rubber Cup Holder.

By using the Likely LED Rubber Cup Holder, you can keep the spills away from your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y’s interior. It is easy to install, and most containers fit snugly into place. Larger bottles can be removed with a slight twist and pull. The soft silicone rubber material can hold beverage containers of varying diameters because it has a flexible interior.

5. YIKA Tesla Model 3 Armrest Box

While working in your car, you may need a pen, USB flash drives, debit cards, certificates, or notebooks. A small box in which you can keep such items comes in handy.

The YIKA Tesla Model 3 Armrest Box is easy to install and requires no modifications. The Armrest Box is made of ABS plastic with a matte finish. It is creatively designed to utilize the provided space in your Tesla. It would be best to purchase one made from waterproof material to protect your belongings.

Get the Drive and Accessories to Work

You have the commute and the electric car. Now, with these five accessories, you can make your Tesla a mobile workstation. By purchasing additional accessories for your Tesla, you can make work a breeze.