If you’re looking for a futuristic car that removes the manual controls and replaces them with advanced tech alternatives, then you’ll not find anything better than a Tesla. No matter how appealing the interior of a Teslas is, you can do more to improve it and customize it to your needs, thanks to the minimalist design.

The USB ports typically found at the center console of a Tesla offer a chance to install various gadgets that will improve your experience.

1. Wireless Charging Pad

Many companies have made USB wireless charging pads. One example is the Nomad wireless charging pad, which has received lots of positive feedback from Amazon users. Jeda also has a few wireless charging options compatible with Teslas’ center console.

2. USB Flash Drive for TeslaCam and Sentry

Have you seen the viral videos of various parking lot accidents taken from Tesla’s backup camera? To record such videos, you need to have storage media connected.

A USB flash drive with 128 GB of storage will ensure that you don’t miss a moment as long as the TeslaCam and sentry mode is running. You can also get a USB A to USB C cable to watch the videos directly from your phone.

3. USB GamePads

Charging an electric car takes up more time than filling up at a gas station. Although Tesla has been doing their best to increase the charging speeds, the 30 minutes to an hour you’re stuck at a recharge station can get boring. An excellent way to kill time while the car charges is to play one of the pre-installed Tesla Arcade games.

An even more exciting way to play games is by using a USB gamepad. There are countless generic gamepads available online, most of which are compatible with all Tesla Arcade games.

4. USB Charging Hub

Typically, a Tesla comes with two traditional USB ports on the center console. You might want to increase the number of USB to charge more devices at once and get a USB type C or two for devices that use this type of connection.

You can increase the number of USB outlets by easily adding a USB charging hub. Jeda has a charging pad that comes with 6 USB outlets in one charging hub. This hub not only comes with four traditional USB and 2 USB type C but also goes into the center console naturally and looks like it came with the car.

5. USB Adapter for Micro SD Card

Flash drives are sufficient to keep any recordings from TeslaCam, but there are reports of some failing after some time. This failure is most likely because most flash drives are not built for the rapid and continuous writing that happens when Tesla’s cameras are on.

Micro SDs, on the other hand, have higher endurance and can keep writing significantly longer than flash drives. To use a micro SD on your TeslaCam and Sentry, you will need a USB adapter.

6. Dual USB Charger Board

The Dual USB Charger Board takes wireless charging to the next level. It’s made up of a wireless charging pad that can charge two phones (or other wireless chargeable devices) and connects to the two USB ports on the center console.

The dual charger board from Jeda fits perfectly into any Tesla’s center console. It’s also wide enough to wirelessly charge two large phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20+ or one iPad.

7. Anker’s Road Viva

Anker’s Road Viva is a USB charging dock that incorporates an Alexa voice command system. Not only can you charge your phones, but you can also change car settings using your voice. The charging dock has 2 USB A ports, where you can connect your phone chargers, and one USB 3.0 port, where you can connect a media storage device for music playback.

The Alexa voice control on the Viva is very responsive and can be a nice way to keep your hands on the wheel while still controlling the playlist.

8. External SSD 

If you’re a fan of TeslaCam and Sentry recordings, USB flash drives and micro SDs will not suffice. Consider getting a high storage external SSD drive that could save your Tesla’s recordings for months, potentially a year. External SSDs fit nicely into a customized center console with a hub installed. If you already have a Nomad or Jeda hub, an SSD drive will fit right into the dedicated slot, even without a cover.

9. LED Disco Lights

Lights might not seem like a significant addition to your Tesla’s interior until you look at it from the outside at night. You can find USB disco lights online and turn heads when driving around the neighborhood at night in your Tesla.

Mini-globe LED disco lights have a few display options, from ambient lighting to a full disco display. It also has just the right amount of brightness to be visible from outside the car, but not too much to affect visibility.

10. USB phone dock

If you’re still using the iPhone 6 and below, unfortunately, your gadget is not adapted for wireless charging. You can always use a USB phone dock to hold your phone as it charges and enjoy extra benefits such as hands-free calling.

Teslas have a beautiful interior with a minimalist design. With these USB gadgets, you can make the interior even better and more functional.