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Top 10 #TeslaMoment Posts

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Instagram account @TeslaMoment invites users of the highly visual social media platform to tag and share their best Tesla photos and videos using the hashtag #TeslaMoment. The posts do not disappoint. They contain a wide range of share-worthy moments including those that pair Tesla vehicles with nature, dogs, and even Instagram favorite, an inflatable flamingo float.

Sharing photos and videos of the popular automaker’s vehicles is nothing new. A handful of YouTube accounts dedicated exclusively to Tesla have over 100,000 subscribers and Tesla’s own Twitter handle has nearly 4 million followers. The company’s CEO, Elon Musk, has a stunning 27 million followers, many of whom tag him directly when tweeting about Tesla. Yet there is something special about this particular collection of posts. Here are 10 stunning Tesla Moments shared by this account:

1.) 1.21 gigawatts. Science fans, movie fans, and those of us of a certain age will know exactly the significance of this much power. In this post showing the Tesla Model X with falcon wing doors raised, parked beside 3 DeLoreans, one can only ponder: are we in the future right now?

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๐Ÿฆ… #teslamoment Photo by Gary Masters

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2.) Somewhere under the rainbow, you will find… a charge? In this scenic view, taken in Voss, Norway the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow is a 12 stall Tesla Supercharger location that opened in 2017. Fun fact: Norway is home to Bjorn Nyland, a long time Tesla owner and supporter whose social media popularity has scored him four, yes four, free Teslas through the Tesla referral program.

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๐ŸŒˆ #teslamoment Photo by John Klippen

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3.) A Florida Man… Just kidding. While searching “A Florida Man” may result in a good laugh, this photo taken by Mike Miller in Tampa, Florida shows the impressive feat of a red Tesla Model X towing a sizable speed boat against a back drop of palm trees.

4.) Spotted.ย This photo taken by You You Xue featured a Tesla Model 3 back in June of 2017 when the popular mid-sized sedan had only just begun production. It took until the following year before even 2,000 of the vehicles were sold.

5.) Dip it, dip it good.ย This bold yellow dip of a Tesla Model S includes changing the already flush door handles to the same yellow; a move that made them all but disappear into the background.

6.) 24 karat magic.ย Speaking of customization, the owner of this Model X wanted to really make a statement with a reflective rose gold wrap.

7.) Who’s a good boy?ย I see a dog. The Tesla Model S with the custom wheels is just background noise.

8.) Do you think this was planned?ย In this rare sight, not one but 10 original Tesla Roasters are in the same place at the same time. The staging of a rainbow of colors was just luck.

9.) Winter wonderland.ย Driving in the snow isn’t always fun and games, but with a vehicle made capable, in part, by a heavy battery pack with evenly distributed weight and a low center of gravity, you can drive to scenic locations in the winter to take beautiful pictures like this one.

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โœจ #teslamoment Photo by Tomas Gursky

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And finally, because this is Instagram we’re talking about.

10.) That flamingo, though. If you didn’t post an inflatable flamingo, do you even social media, bro?



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