You’re an all-electric vechile (EV) owner and enthusiast. You love to socialize with like-minded people. You may even have found an EV club to join, as we suggested here. But what happens you’re at work or home with nothing to do? How will you interact with fellow EV lovers? We here at have you covered. Here is a list of the top ten online forums for all things EV.

10. Electric Forum 

Want to talk about everything from drones to Formula E? The Electric Forum is your website! I especially like the DIY and conversion kit sections, there are some very cool ideas in there!

9. My Electric Car Forums

With sections dedicated to electric cars, motorcycles, and even electric buses and other industrial vehicles, My Electric Car Forums is one of the most comprehensive on the web. The forum even has separate sub-forums dedicated to individual auto manufacturers.

8. AV Forums Electric Car Section

While the parent forum may be dedicated to home entertainment, the EV portion of this forum is an interesting place to hang out. I get the impression that most of the people who frequent this forum are pretty down to earth with a good sense of humor.

7. r/electric vehicles

I know, I know. Reddit can be a cesspool, I agree. Still, the strict rules against anything rude or hateful on this board make it one of the cleaner and safer spots on the website.

6. Speak EV

An easy to use forum with hundreds of thousands of posts, Speak EV is a great place to share your thoughts. There are quite a few European users in addition to North American EV enthusiasts.

5. Inside EVs

In addition to providing breaking news and other articles about the EV world, Inside EVs also has a forum. Look in the classified section to find a great deal on your next EV.

4. My Nissan Leaf

My people! Where have you been all of my life?! It is comforting to know that when I have a question about my 2012 Nissan Leaf, I have a community of strangers to turn to for advice. Compare ranges and complain about battery degradation all in one place!

3. EV Owners Forum

This forum allows EV owners to congregate and discuss important issues like charging to buying and selling new and used cars. I like that they have a section dedicated to surveying EV owners on various topics.

2. V is for Voltage

So…its been a while since any new posts have been made to this site. That being said, there are some interesting threads about climate change and politics to peruse.

1. DIY Electric Car Forum

While it is definitely a niche community, the DIY electric car crowd is fascinating. Reading some of the tall tales on this website makes me want to strike out on my own and build my own EV. I wonder how my wife would feel about that?

What do our readers think about our list of wonderful EV forums? Any others that you frequent that you feel should have made the list? Please leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Source | Images: Courtesy of the Forums Named Above