He keeps the shower water warm with that tiny solar thermal panel on the roof. There’s also a tiny wind turbine and a solar panel up there to power his few tiny appliances; enough to cool a beer and power a stereo.

That yellow funnel on the outside is his urinal.

Well… maybe now this improvised RV is getting a little rough. His pee is stored in the pee jug inside (it’s that jug in the corner on pg 2) till he gets to a convenient disposal place. Hm. And what about when he needs to poop? I don’t know.

But if you really need a resting place that unobtrusively blends in, in any neighborhood, in an emergency, this might be it. Paul was dubbed Turtleman at Burning Man, where he tried it out.

But unlike real turtles, his teeny zero carbon RV has a sky-sized view of the starry cosmos at night from the sleeping window bubble. That has got to make up for those cramped quarters inside.