Planning to convert your car to CNG? Converting your car to run on an alternative fuel like ethanol or CNG can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing performance or reliability. Good conversions however, are expensive and time-consuming. Cheap conversions can be found all over the internet, promising DIY-ers “professional” results at bargain-basement prices. Check out these pictures taken from a Russian dash-cam and ask the driver what he thinks of his converted car’s performance.

Unfortunately, both occupants of the vehicle lost their hearing in the blast. As of the time of this writing, neither had recovered it.

So, be careful out there guys. There are plenty of people who are willing to sell you dirt cheap kits to convert your car to CNG, LPG, or ethanol that for a few hundred dollars promise “to save you thousands of dollars”. If it were that easy, everyone would do it. Please also remember my final piece of advice from the last “don’t convert your car” story I wrote: if you absolutely, positively, must convert your car to propane, my advice is as follows: Spend big money. If you don’t have big money, buy a Morgan. If you can’t afford a Morgan, stay the f*** away from eBay.

Convert Your Car to CNG, Go Boom

What do our readers think about this advice? Anyone out there perform a successful conversion and live to tell the tale? Please leave us a comment below and share your story.

Source | Images: CarBuzz.