propane-mustang-4As a classic car enthusiast, I am often torn between my love of American muscle, and my desire to see the world a greener, cleaner place. For anybody like me looking for a driving experience that marries performance with lower emissions, this propane-powered ‘69 Ford Mustang with a turbocharged six-cylinder makes no compromises at either end of the spectrum.

Originally equipped with a 250 cubic-inch I6 engine and a three-speed manual, the SoCal owner converted his ‘69 Mustang to propane power. These kits can be had for under a grand (minus the expensive tanks), and deliver not just lower emissions, but an all-around cleaner driving experience. Oil changes become less frequent, and the exhaust fumes are not nearly as unpleasant (though you still don’t want to breathe them in). When tuned right, propane can prove a potent power source for performance too.

A propane conversion would have been enough for me to like this car, but the addition of a turbocharger to the six-cylinder engine makes it even better. Sure, it would have been easy to swap in a small-block Ford V8 making 300+ horsepower without even trying, but that’s been done time and again. A turbocharged I6, running on propane? That’s not something you’re likely to see more than once or twice in your life, though there’s always the hope that Ford will offer a factory conversion.

The $15,000 asking price is definitely on the high side, but if nothing else I feel inspired when I see green, mean muscle cars like this.

Source: Jalopnik | Craigslist