Mitch Medford is an interesting guy. He’s a hot rodder and drag racer, through and through. He appreciates the classics, and has a refined style that leans towards clean, uncluttered builds. Clean, uncluttered builds with massive amounts of tire-shredding torque, that is. It’s that thirst for speed that let him to build the 800 HP, 10-second ’68 Mustang fastback you see here.

Did I mention that Mitch’s Mustang is fully electric, yet?

“For me, building an electric muscle car is less about being environmentally responsible and more about the amazing performance that electric motors offer,” says Medford. “Just like intercooled turbos and superchargers revolutionized the (internal combustion engine) performance industry, I feel that electric motors are the next major advancement in hot rodding.”

So, Mitch wanted a fast electric Mustang. Got that- but it couldn’t just be fast for an electric car. It had to be fast, period. “If we built an electric car that did 0-60 in five seconds and topped out at 80 mph, no one would care about it,” says Mitch. “Muscle cars are supposed to be about stoplight to stoplight performance, so we decided to build an electric supercar. Our Mustang runs 10.7 at 129 mph in the quarter-mile, and it also hits 60 mph in 2.4 seconds, compared to 3.2 seconds in a Lamborghini Huracán.”

To help make his case, Medford’s electric Mustang has taken him to nearly 175 miles and hour at the famous Texas Mile, and he’s rocked a few quick Teslas at the drag strip, as well– all of which you might already know from our previous articles about Mitch’s “Zombie” Mustang.

Even though I’ve known about this build for a while, now, I dan’t ever seen this great article and interview with Mitch from Mustang 360, which also happened to feature a video chronicling the build and the record-setting Texas Mile runs from the Verge. You can get a sense of both of those here, but really should head over to the source links to see all the photos at the original article. Once you’ve done that, we’d love to hear what you think of the car in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


800HP Record-setting Electric Mustang | Video

Sources | Lots More Photos: the Verge, Mustang 360.