Ever since its debut over a decade ago, the utilitarian Honda Ruckus has been a favorite of fashion-conscious commuters and customizers everywhere – but the little 50cc runabout didn’t have a ton of power or torque. As a consequence, the Honda Ruckus never really caught in the off-road scene. But now, a Canadian electric mobility specialist called Daymak has launched the impressive “Beast” 2 wheel electric ATV… and it is absolutely the go-anywhere, 2WD electric Ruckus Honda should have built!

The Beast has been a popular model for the Daymak, whose calls it “unstoppable” because of its ability to slog through mud, snow, water, or sand without getting stuck. If your idea of “off road” is being miles from the nearest fire road or wildlife trail, the Beast will get you and your gear there and back.

The Specs

As an electric Ruckus, it doesn’t give up much on regular roads, either. The Daymak Beast has a top speed of 31 miles per hour (not far off the gas-powered Ruckus), and range of 18 miles – which is probably enough in city driving.

If that seems kind of short, keep in mind that the removable battery pack has a built in solar panel that can recharge it even when you haven’t seen a utility pole in 20 miles. The top of the line Beast Ultimate retails for $3,999, which seems like a bargain for a machine with so much heart and muscle.

Elon, Is That You?

Now the company has taken a page out of the Tesla playbook and introduced the Daymak Beast D, a dual motor version of the the original. It claims the Beast D can tackle a 36% grade with ease and take you further into the wild than ever before. It has the same range and top speed, it just handles the toughest going you can find even better than the single motor models.

This is not a bike made for racing. It is an electric pack mule that can haul all your gear to wherever you need to go. Up the side of a mountain? No problem. Across a shallow stream or through snow? Yup, it’s got you covered there too. Charger for your cell phone? Of course. Blue Tooth connectivity? Absolutely.

If you want to get away – like, 9 miles away from everything away – the Daymak Beast D could be your 2 wheeled vehicle of choice!

Source | Image: Daymak via elecktrek.com