By Steve Hanley

Two founders quit their day jobs in 2013 to build the world’s first four passenger electric sports car. “We want to be unequivocally the reference in the electric sports car market. We strive to push the limits and intend to offer the ultimate of what is possible,” says Mike Kakogiannakis, COO of Dubuc Motors*. He promises his company’s Tomahawk sports car will offer customers the highest level of engineering available.

Let’s begin by looking at the Tomahawk. Its looks are a combination of McLaren, Lamborghini, and Corvette. Its low center of gravity will contribute to excellent handling while the scissor type doors and aggressive cab forward design make access to the two rear seats easy and convenient.

“The battery is a key design attribute, it is 110 kilowatts,” says Kakogiannakis. “A separate battery drives the air conditioning and other features, therefore mileage is not decreased.” Hands-free voice commands, a built-in wifi hotspot, advanced collision warning and a live 360° camera are also part of the package.

The Tomahawk Will Be World’s First Electric 4 Passenger Sports Car

Now the specs. The company says the Tomahawk will have a range of 400 miles — far more than any current production electric car. Top speed is 160 mph and 0-60 acceleration runs take just 2 seconds. There are few cars from any manufacturer that can match the performance of the Tomahawk, even those with gasoline engines. And of course the Tomahawk will do it all with zero tailpipe emissions.

The two founders told Forbes their target market consists of “25 to 65, more millennials, the successful entrepreneur, a driver who appreciates lotsa swag and a showstopper.” Because their car has more generous headroom than most, “We can differentiate ourselves by appealing to the 6’- 6’5” drivers out there.”

Comparisons to Elon Musk and Tesla are inevitable. Is the Tomahawk just a reconceptualized Tesla Roadster. No way, the founders say. “The Tomahawk is way more spacious and wider, we don’t compare ourselves to Tesla. Elon Musk has different models and targets,” Mike says. “We did not need to leverage any of Musk’s Tesla patent portfolio,” adds Mario, “We had much similar technology already developed.”

The Tomahawk Will Be World’s First Electric 4 Passenger Sports Car

So, how much will all this mechanical marvellousness cost? The projected selling price is $125,000. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2019 but the Tomahawk has an interesting twist. Those interested in owning one can pre-order now with a deposit of $5,000.

Thanks to something called Title IV of the JOBS Act, individuals can invest alongside the founders and their 800+ investors which gets them equity, a stake in the company before their planned IPO listing.

Isabelle Tremblay, a professional NASCAR racing driver, says the Tomahawk is ”An Exemplary achievement by two men driven by passion to create a sexy, unique, and even better Electric car! It all starts with a dream. My next dream is to drive the Tomahawk around the track.”

The Tomahawk Will Be World’s First Electric 4 Passenger Sports Car

Adds Redouane Mekideche, Canadian Deputy Director for Foreign Affairs, ”The vehicle is really in a category of its own in terms of style and functionality. Not mentioning the fact that it is 100% electric which makes it really appealing. The owners are really dynamic, a good mix of creativity, ingenuity and strong business acumen. I hope to see many Tomahawks on North American roads in the not too distant future.”

If you want to be part of this exciting journey, the company is truly creating the world’s first ever crowdsourced auto company and it can include you! You can find more information about this electric car company’s investment opportunity on their website.

This post was supported by Duboc Motors