secret menuThe Tesla Model S apparently has a hidden menu that may reflect upcoming features and apps. So, is there anything good hidden behind the screen?

There is a new video that displays the secret menu mentioned above. It shows apps and features that may be included in the future, some of which include a lane departure warning, blind spot detection, and adaptive cruise control. When these options might arrive is anyone’s guess, but the video (see it below) shows that the software is at least in the prototype stage.

It is likely that, unless Tesla Motors has installed sensors in the Model S without mentioning them to anyone, turning these features on may not be possible at the moment. They are probably just test features.

Remember the days (in the 90s) when your CD player and other electronics had faded options on the screen, showing you features you didn’t actually have? I do! That was intriguing, but also frustrating.

How To Get In

  1. Tap and hold the Tesla Motors logo at the top of the screen;
  2. You will then be prompted to enter an access code. Now you can depress the logo and enter the access code;
  3. After the access code is entered, a diagnostics screen will appear with some highly technical settings which you should not tinker with;
  4. Tap the app tab to see the apps. There you will see an image viewer, maps, a sketchpad, as well as a video tester, audio tester, and others;
  5. In the car configuration section, you will see: “blind spot detection: false”, “lane departure warning: false”, “adaptive cruise: false”, suggesting that those features may soon be an option.

Unfortunately, there is nothing TOO exciting or revealing here, like a potential all-wheel drive or two-door version. But it raises the question, how soon before someone “hacks” into the Tesla to do some really interesting tinkering?

Source: Autoblog

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