Unplugged Performance has released new pics of its debut body kit package for the Tesla Model S. While there are to be purists who will hate on any alterations to the sleek production styling, give Unplugged Performance credit for trying to liven it up a bit.

The styling changes aren’t too dramatic, with Unplugged offering owners new front and rear spoilers and diffusers, side skirts, a new trunk spoiler, and the Complete Front Fascia System, seen in all its glory at the top of the page. All told the parts range from about $900 to $1,500 in cost, and the total cost of all the unpainted upgrades is around $6,000. Add in the cost of paint or even carbon fiber though, and you’ll be closer to $10,000 at the end of the day.

A nip here, a tuck there, add some big shiny rims, and you’ve got a Tesla Model S that looks like it means business, though it won’t be the only option for Model S modifications for long. The Saleen Model S surely has a few takers, and the rest of the aftermarket world will have to pay attention to Tesla soon if they aren’t already. Unplugged Performance is also a part of Bulletproof Automotive, which tackles all sorts of automotive customization jobs, so maybe their next upgrade package can include some performance enhancements as well.

What’s next for Unplugged Performance? Almost certainly a Tesla Model X kit, once the electric SUV debuts of course. If Unplugged plays its cards right, maybe it could become to Tesla what Shelby is to Mustangs. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here, but as we’ve seen from from its time on the Nurburgring, the Model S could still use some improvements when it comes to its on-track performance.