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The Tesla Model C: Unofficial, But Really Cool Looking

The Tesla Model C: Unofficial, But Really Cool Looking

Tesla Motors is keeping its cards close to its chest in regards to future vehicles. While CEO Elon Musk has dropped hints here and there, including an all-electric supercar and a BMW 3-series fighter, we’re mostly left to our own devices to wonder what Tesla has planned. That has led some would-be car designers to fill in the blanks, and one in particular stood out to me. Meet the compact Tesla Model C.

The Tesla Model C is the brainchild of Derjan Hristov, who envisions the Model C as Tesla’s entry into the affordable compact car market. While Tesla has just rolled out its first mainstream vehicle, the Model S sedan, eventually they’ll have to try and break into the compact market if they want to make headway in the competitive automotive market.

Hristov envisions a compact hatchback with automatic sliding doors, a nifty feature that really hints at the hopefulness of this concept. That said, if Tesla were to build a compact EV like this, and gave it rear-wheel drive I could totally dig it.

The rear bumper doubles as a slide-out trunk, offering extra cargo space for this compact city car. While it seats just two, I think the sporty nature of this little EV could make it a popular seller for Tesla. That is, if Tesla were to embrace such an independent design. For now, the only future model we know Tesla is working on is the Falcon-wing Model X SUV.

Whatever Elon Musk has planned for his electric car company, it had better be as eye-catching as Hristov’s design if he hopes to wrestle away market share from conventional automakers.

Source: CarScoop

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