Big Wheel Drift Trike

Remember how much fun it was riding a Big Wheel when we were kids? Sadly, we got too big to ride it when we turned 8 or so. But August Agner, owner of North Carolina auto parts manufacturer SFD Industries, has just the thing to help us recapture our youth – a motorized drift trike that looks and rides just like the Big Wheel we left in the back of Mom’s garage all those years ago.

Equipped with a 26″ front wheel mounted on a “springer” fork and rear wheels encased in thick PVC, driving sideways with wild abandon is as easy as climbing aboard and twisting the throttle. The standard Big Wheel Drift Trike, priced at US$2,000 reports Gizmagfeatures a TIG welded chrome moly frame and an 8.5 hp engine. A dyno tuned “high horsepower” engine with sport exhaust is available for an additional $500.

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of Agner’s design is the high mounted foot pegs that straddle the front wheel. Other drift trikes place the pegs on the front fork where toes and spokes can sometimes become painfully intertwined.

At $2,000, it’s a lot more costly than some of the homemade drift trikes we’ve seen out there. So what is the Big Wheel Drift Trike like to ride? Let’s let designer August Agner tell us:

“The thing that really sets off our drift trike is the big 26-inch by 3.5-inch wheel,” August Agner, owner of SFD Industries tells Gizmag. “It feels super stable and is proportioned similar to a child’s Big Wheel to really make an adult look and feel like a kid again.”

Reason enough to buy one for yourself, don’t you think?

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