Car emblems. Everyone loves them. From the iconic Mercedes-Benz emblem to Ford’s logo which can be found not just on cars but clothing, stickers, and even coffee cups, there’s just something about car company emblems that car lovers of all stripes find attractive. This is especially true for the Tesla Emblem.

In 2017, Tesla founder Elon Musk confirmed a long-standing rumor: that Tesla’s logo is a depiction of the cross-section of an electric motor. More specifically, the electric motor invented by Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla in the 19th century. While the fine folks at Tesla have made a few tweaks to the long gone genius’ invention, the basic technology remains the same. How cool is that?

So, what happens when the emblem on your beloved Tesla gets damaged or lost, perhaps during a performance upgrade? As it turns out there are quite a few ways to replace your Tesla emblem and return your car to all of its original glory.

Tesla Service Center

All Tesla service centers should be able to replace a broken or lost emblem with little to no hassle. According to these members of the Tesla Motors Club forum, the service center professionals can easily replace any of your car’s emblems for about $25. Not too shabby!

One forum member did suggest calling the service center in advance to ensure that they have the correct emblem in stock. If not, the part can be ordered and you can bring your car in to the service center when it arrives.

Tesla Mobile Service

Tesla owners in certain markets in North America are eligible to have a Tesla mobile service technician come out and replace any damaged or missing emblems on their vehicles. Owners simply download the Tesla app to their smartphones and request the service. A representative from Tesla will then contact the requester and set up a date, time, and location to replace the emblem.

Unfortunately for Tesla owners in other markets, mobile service is only available in North America at this time. The company does plan on expanding this service to Europe and Asia as demand continues to grow.

Do It Yourself

The final option for replacing your lost or damaged Tesla emblem is simply to purchase one online and do it yourself. A quick Amazon search yields hundreds of companies offering various styles and qualities of replacement Tesla emblems. Here’s the tricky part: many of these companies may be violating patent and trademark laws as they most likely do not have Tesla’s permission to use their logo in their products.

Not to be a total goody-two-shoes, but I would rather pay the 25 bucks to have an authorized representative from Tesla do the job than risk a visit from authorities for buying counterfeit goods. I know, I know, the chances of that are highly unlikely but c’mon…you drive a Tesla, you can afford to spend a few extra dollars!

Do any of our readers have any input when it comes to replacing lost or damaged Tesla emblems? Anyone out there ever use Tesla’s mobile services and care to comment? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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