I have this reoccurring dream where I pull up to my high school reunion in a Tesla Model X. I can picture it now: the falcon-wing doors open. My wife (who looks stunning by the way) and I get out while my former classmates gasp and stare in awe. I allow the car to park itself as we walk in and greet friends…and I realize I’m naked.

In all seriousness, the thought about how I could actually make this happen did pop into my head. Would it be possible to put yours truly behind the wheel of a magnificent Model X, even if just for a night? The answer is a definite yes!

Here are the best methods that I have found for renting vehicles, including luxury rides like the Model X.


Turo is awesome. I once rented a little Honda civic using this app for a whole six months when I was unsure if I was going to need a car on a permanent basis or not. The user simply downloads the app, uploads a picture, and fills in credit card information. Requests for rentals can be made directly to the car’s owner and you can negotiate date ranges for rental times and pick-up locations through the app.

While I can’t say that it was cheap, using Turo was a whole heck of a lot cheaper than any of the major car rental places. A quick check of my area this morning revealed that there are four Model Xs available for rental in my area right now. Not too shabby!


Full disclosure on Getaround: I have not actually used this app. That being said, it looks like a really simple, easy to use system that is similar to Turo.

According to Getaround’s website what sets it apart from Turo is the elimination of communication between owner and renter:

“Getaround is a carsharing platform powered by the Getaround Connect® technology which provides drivers access to rent and unlock great cars shared by people nearby.  We built the first ever device designed specifically for carsharing and installed it in every Getaround car. The Connect® device allows drivers to rent, find, and unlock shared cars using their phone, while providing owners additional security benefits so they can carshare with confidence,” according to the company.

Let me get this straight…I can rent a Model X WITHOUT the hassle of interacting with another human being? Sign me up!!!

Luxury and Prestige Rentals from Hertz Exotic Car Collection from Enterprise


Who knew that the big boy rental car companies I badmouthed earlier in my post had luxury cars for rent? It turns out that you can pick up a Model X (or another expensive car) at most Enterprise and Hertz locations across the country if you make a reservation. No more sub-compacts for me when I travel for work. From now on I’m renting a Model X when my flight lands. I wonder how my company will react?

Any other apps or rental companies that you have used to rent Teslas or other luxury vehicle brands? Please drop by our comments section and tell us about your experiences.

Source | Images: Tesla, Turo, Getaround, Hertz, and Enterprise