We brought you a list of the best route planners to plan your all-electric vehicle (EV) road trip here. Since I am a Nissan Leaf owner, I thought I would show a bit of love today specifically to other Leaf owners. Since we cannot charge our EVs using Tesla’s impressive Supercharger network, we will have to make due with a combination of public and dealership chargers. No problemo!

EV Trip Planner

We mentioned previously that EV Trip Planner is very popular on the various EV message boards. While the website is mainly geared toward Teslas, they do have two different search options for Leaf owners. A quick scan of a few Nissan Leaf forums shows that users prefer the “Alpha” search over the “Beta” search. The website does warn that the algorithms for the Leaf searches are still in the testing stage so you may want to try them out on shorter trips before attempting to go cross country.

CHAdeMO Quick Charging Points Map

As we noted here, Leaf owners can take advantage of chargers utilizing CHAdeMO quick charging stations. The map above can be used to locate these chargers in North America, Europe, and Japan. I found this really interesting article from Cleantechica.com that covers the history of CHAdeMO charging if you have a few minutes to spare. Apparently, CHAdeMo is a play on words in Japanese that means “Time for a quick cup of tea!” I find that hilarious for some reason…

Your Local Nissan Dealer

So this is kind of cool and something I didn’t know about. All Nissan dealerships in North America have fast charging stations somewhere on the premises. The best part? You can charge our Leaf for free at any one! A quick search shows that there is a dealership exactly 2.6 miles from my front door. In an effort to save on my electric bill, the fine folks at Priority Nissan in Vienna, Virginia are going to be seeing a lot of me in the future.

A Better Route Planner

Image result for a better route planner logo

A planning tool I often see come up on the Tesla and Nissan Leaf forums is A Better Route Planner. Users rave about its accuracy and ease of use. Jennifer Sensiba from Cleantechnica.com even used it to plan her 1,200 mile cross-country journey in her Leaf earlier this year. Apparently, A Better Route Planner utilizes various open source projects and databases to provide drivers with estimates on energy uses and charging locations. Awesome!

Leaf Spy Pro

Leaf Spy Pro

While not a route planner per se, Leaf Spy Pro can be used in conjunction with route planners like A Better Route Planner. This app connects to your car through bluetooth and is very easy to use according to several reviews. Leaf Spy Pro can also give you valuable information on the condition of your battery, energy usage, and other diagnostic figures for your car.

Have any of our readers used any of these methods to plan their routes? Anyone out there swear by Leaf Spy Pro or any other apps designed to maximize efficiency and accuracy? Are there any employees from Priority Nissan reading this that would like to let me know when the fresh coffee and donuts are put out?

Please leave us a comment below and share your thoughts.

Source | Images: Nissan / EV Trip Planner / Amazon.com / CHAdeMO / A Better Route Planner