I personally have never had tinted windows on any of my vehicles. While I like the idea of a cooler car, the laws surrounding tinted windows are awfully vague. That being said, I know tinted windows are popular. I also know that that front windshield tint modifications are the most popular kind. If you’re willing to take a chance with the law and throw caution to the wind, here is the best front windshield tint for your Tesla.


Before deciding on what front windshield tint to have installed, it is important to understand what the different percentages of window tint mean. Zero percent or no tint is what most vehicles come off of the assembly line with. From there, window tints get progressively darker and darker as the percentages decrease. For example, fifty percent window tinting allows fifty percent of the light to pass through the glass. Twenty-five percent window tinting allows only 25 percent of light to go through the glass. Five percent is the darkest, allowing a very small amount of light to pass through. This type of tint is often found on the windows of limousines or creepy-looking cargo vans.

Here’s where things get a bit tricky. I like to travel. I like to travel in between states using my car. Laws that regulate window tinting can vary from state to state. Can you see where this is going? California for example, mandates that any front windshield tint allow 75 percent of light into the vehicle. Michigan and Indiana set this number at 35 percent. An unsuspecting Hoosier could find himself/herself in trouble if driving in the Golden State.

Tesla Specific 

If you’ve got your heart set on tinting the front window of your Tesla, its best to consult the resident experts on the matter. As always, the resident experts are the fine folks who post to the Tesla Motors Club forum. The participants on this thread seem to have come to a consensus that around 70 percent is the way to go for your Tesla. “I have 70%. You can’t tell it is tinted, but it is on there for the heat reflection properties. I wouldn’t go to 50%. My sides are 40%, and I roll them down a bit when necessary,” according to poster “ppower.”

“HelloJohnny” is in a similar boat. “I have 70% on my windshield (Suntek CIR) and 35% all around. You can’t even tell I have the windshield tinted and visibility inside is essentially invisible,” he writes.

As per usual, a wild vendor then appears out of nowhere in order to advertise their services.

“I have a thread here you can find pictures of what 70% or 75% looks like on windshields. Keep in mind we use Photosync and Ceraluxe but it should give you an idea on how dark 70 and 75 are,” writes a representative from EV Motors in Houston, Texas.  I’ll cut the good people at EV Motors some slack because the link posted is actually quite useful for learning about the different percentages of window tint. You are welcome to read that thread by clicking here.

Any of our readers have their windows tinted and care to comment? Anyone out there ever run afoul of John Q. Law because of it? What do you think is the perfect percentage for front windshield tint? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.

Source | Image: Tesla Motors