Tesla Model S owner Phil Hayton wanted his dogs to be able to travel in his electric luxo-cruiser with him, but didn’t want to drive around in an awkward, egg-y Model X. What Phil wanted was a wagon. A wagon that Tesla, sadly, doesn’t offer. What’s the well-heeled gentleman to do? Well, if you’re Phil Hayton, you have that Tesla Wagon built.

I have to admit, I thought this Tesla wagon build would die in Project Car Hell when I first heard about it, but it seems like I was wrong. Take a look for yourself, below …



… does it look real to you? Because it looks pretty real to me, and I have a history of calling bulls*** on everything, early!

For the moment, there is only the short clip, above, for us to go on. But that Qwest- the shop behind the build- did that much bodywork and got the car back up and running on Tesla’s network is no mean feat. As such, I’d fully expect this car to be shown running strong in the very near future.


Source | Images: Qwest Norfolk; Car Throttle.