The irony and hypocrisy in politics are insane, or almost insane, until you take into account cash money — $$$ cha ching! And it’s hard to find a place where it gets more hypocritical than in Republican party leadership.

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Republicans are all about the “free market,” right? Yet congresspeople and governors will fight to their death (or almost to their death, perhaps) to keep subsidies pouring in for insanely rich fossil fuel industries… never mind correcting externalities (which are cancer to a free market) and making companies internalize the costs of their human-killing pollution.

greg abbottIf that wasn’t insane enough, Republican governors like the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, think it’s perfectly fine for Tesla Motors to be blocked from directly selling its cars to consumers. You know, because… because…. Oh, screw it, they get a lot of money from auto dealers. $$$ talks, and overrides Republican ideals very, very quickly.

The fight to allow Tesla direct sales to customers has been going on for a while now (see Tesla’s 2 cents here, a rundown of the “convenient” process of buying an American-made Tesla here, AutoNation’s backing of Tesla’s 2 cents here, a former Texas car dealer supporting Tesla’s 2 cents hereTesla’s efforts to overturn the ban hereRick Perry pandering for the Gigafactory here, and just Google that shit since almost everyone and their mother thinks the Tesla sales ban is stupid). It doesn’t look like we’ll see any light down in The Lone Star State any time soon, though. Abbott told Bloomberg Radio yesterday that he still wants to stick with Tesla being outlawed and customer wishes being ignored… in other words.

In his words (via Electrek): “Texas has a very robust, very open, very effective automobile sector that seems like it’s working quite well the way that it is. If you’re going to have a breakdown in a car, you need to have a car dealership there to make sure that the vehicle is going to be taken care of. We haven’t seen that from Tesla.”

Ah, the number of logical fallacies there is disturbing….

But the basic takeaway is obvious: Abbott is opposing the free market in order to keep more auto dealer cash flowing into his piggy bank. Can you say “jackass?”

And as Fred Lambert of Electrek very aptly notes:

It’s not clear whether the Governor is referencing particular events or if he literally “hasn’t seen” anything from Tesla.

Tesla operates 4 service centers in Texas, they have a roadside assistance service and they operate a fleet of “Tesla Rangers”- technicians on the road providing assistance and making minor repairs. Earlier this year, Consumer Reports gave Tesla’s service the top ranking among the industry.

The service scores were compiled through a survey of subscribers who had repairs made on more than 121,000 vehicles, and Tesla came out on top.


Images: shocked blond via Shutterstock, Greg Abbott by Gage Skidmore (some rights reserved)