Tesla’s “Dog Mode” Keeps it Cool

Throughout the month of July much of the United States was affected by extreme heat, with temperatures soaring well beyond averages and in some case, breaking records. But it doesn’t take record high temperatures outside to make the inside of a car dangerously hot. By some estimates, the inside of a car can reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 minutes of being parked outside on a 70 degree day.

Tesla, never one to shy away from introducing requested features that are technically feasible, engineered a solution. What started as a Twitter exchange resulted in, what I can only assume, was a team of software engineers getting handed a fun, new assignment.

Less than four months later, Tesla introduced Dog Mode via an over-the-air software update.

Ever since, folks have been sharing their experiences using the features. Here are some favorite shots of Dog Mode being used as expected:

Plus a few ideas on things other than dogs that can benefit from climate control:

Share your favorite Dog Mode moments with us!

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Electric Jen
Electric Jen is a long time Tesla owner and enthusiast who stumbled into a bit of YouTube fame when she recorded herself using Tesla's Autopilot software on the first day it launched. The only thing she enjoys more than talking Tesla is her hometown of Philadelphia. Jen is proud to have been born, raised and educated inside city limits, and doubly proud to have spent her entire professional career thus far serving the housing needs of low-income Philadelphians. She enjoys ice cream, Excel spreadsheets, Eagles football and goofing around with her husband and their son.