TeslaFi is an interesting product that is often debated about on the various Tesla blogs and forums (click here for our list of the best ones). TeslaFi can provide drivers with accurate information regarding trip length, duration, elevation changes, cost of power used for the trip, and several other data points. Most forum contributors who have it seem to think it is worth the cost. As of the date of this writing, a subscription will run you about 5 bucks a month. Here we take a look at what TeslaFi features Tesla owners’ like best.

That is the Question…

Do you NEED TeslaFi? The answer to that question is a resounding no. There are many many Tesla drivers who don’t use the service and seem to be getting along just fine. Several of the participants on the various Tesla forums seemed to think that much of the data was superfluous and unnecessary for your average driver. That being said, there do seem to be some awesome features.

Many users like that TeslaFi can record mileage traveled and how much charge is received during each individual charging session. TeslaFi can also tell you how much battery drain happens when the car is idling or sleeping, which is popular with users. Logging trips using TeslaFi can also aid in tracking battery degradation, a subject sure to be in the back of the mind of any all-electric vehicle (EV) driver. Other users cite the ability to check on your car’s vitals without waking it up and the ability to enable sentry mode by individual location.

Reddit to the Rescue!

So…I try to stay away from Reddit as much as possible. That being said, I have found some AMAZING tidbits of knowledge from time to time on r/teslamotors. Most contributors to this community love TeslaFi and almost unanimously prefer it over similar programs such as TezLab. That being said, several security-conscious commentators have concerns about TeslaFi that aren’t without merit. Can TeslaFi be hacked? If so, could the hacker keep track of your cars location and do things like remote start it without your permission? This notion is not far fetched but there have been no recorded instances of this happening to date.

A few users have suggested using TeslaFi in conjunction with an additional app to provide a more comprehensive driving experience. One self-described “nerd” was quick to sing the praises of TeslaFi but admitted that their car was also their hobby. For less interested parties, the cost may outweigh any potential benefits.

All in all, it seems like TeslaFi is a fantastic product for Tesla owners who are into specifics and want to maximize efficiency and range. If you’re a casual like me, you probably won’t get too much out of it.

What do our readers think about TeslaFi? Any subscribers out there who swear by it? What additional features would you like to see added to the service in the future? Please leave a comments below and let us know.

Source | Image: Tesla Motors